Iranian municipal departments will disconnect from the Web

Iran has decided to shut down their ministries and other departments of the municipal Web. It will be made to protect against cyber attacks, similar to those which have been used in the known viruses Stuxnet and Flame. Disabling scheduled in September.

Minister Information and communication technologies Iran Reza Tagipur claims that intelligence strategic vulnerability of the global network. Web is not credible minister because, in his view, is controlled by one or with 2 countries, militant against Iran.

Minister plans to make the inner national network that will change the Web. This project should be completed in the coming 18 months.

Stuxnet virus and Flame, over the last couple of years has infected a large number of computers in Iran, believed to be the product of a joint development professionals from Israel and the United States. Stuxnet, discovered in 2010, produced an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. Flame, detected in 2012, had as targets Iran's oil ministry and the country's main export terminal, ITAR-TASS reported.

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