Iranian rebuff the aggressor

As you know, on November 8, the IAEA issued a report on Iran's nuclear program there. Report of Tipo quite justifies its military orientation, which makes military action against the country more likely. Iranian President Ahmadinejad has referred to the report "flawed" and written under the dictation of the United States. Statements about the likely strike on Iran have been made by prominent political leaders of Israel, the Euro Union and the United States.

What does happen in the event of aggression of the West against Iran? And that he would be able to oppose so powerful aggressor?

Let's start with the political statements favorites Iran. Ahmadinejad has repeatedly publicly expressed his absolute confidence that the U.S. will not start fighting because seriously feared the military might of his country. According to the president of Iran, the armed forces are ready to fight back though what the enemy, including the United States and Israel. Attack on Iran by Israel has become more possible as the official Tel Aviv and before the publication of the IAEA report seriously considered such a possibility, but at this point, after the publication of the report is so comfortable, Israel, and quite a long time can not speculate and start ready to hit in the coming days are already.

Expressing serious capabilities of its armed forces, Ahmadinejad, of course, a little bluffing. He uses a very thin created by the western media hysteria over that Iran has nuclear weapons. Ahmadinejad seems to be hinting at the possibility of using his army of such assets, which can cause irreparable harm though what the enemy. For example, in his interview nedavneshnem Egyptian newspaper "Al-Akbar" Ahmadinejad practically throws a challenge to Israel and the United States, claiming nearly followed: "Iran has a very serious military capabilities that are different from the ability of other states in the region. Iran will respond to what ever the aggressor, including the United States, and they are afraid of our potential. We will not allow any military action against himself. " With these words, Ahmadinejad stressed the irrelevance comparison of their own country and its armed forces from the Army such as Iraq, defeated for so little time with virtually no losses from coalition forces.

Anti-aircraft missile Shahab-2. Its title translates from Arabic as meteorite. The radius of the acts of these missiles is up to 700 km. © Stringer / Reuters

Short-range missile Fateh-110 (Conqueror). This is a single-stage solid-fuel missile with a blast radius of 250 km. © Stringer / Reuters

The Iranian bomb precision Zubin (Arrow) with the guidance and rocket Caheb (puncture), the radius of the act which is 250 km. © Stringer / Reuters

Demonstration of the latest Iranian missile stealth entitled Persian Gulf, set to run from warships. The radius of destruction of the rocket — 300 km. It is protected from the radar and its velocity is more than three times the speed of sound. © Stringer / Reuters

Rocket Zelzal (Earthquake). It can carry a warhead weighing up to 600 kg, and the range of its flight — up to 210 km. © Stringer / Reuters

On the other hand, Ahmadinejad constantly reiterated that Iran did not try and do not try to make a nuclear weapon and that the purpose of its nuclear applets are to establish a nuclear power. The Iranian president also rightly notes that "Israel has 30 nuclear warheads. And Iran is developing only a civilian nuclear program. "

But all this is only an application. What are the chances of Iran against the likely anger in military terms?

Of course, at the technical level, the army of Israel and the United States very seriously superior armed forces of Iran. It is not even clear spices. And in the criteria of the technical backwardness of the defending country has no choice but to use their own particular geography, climate, terrain. A very significant advantage Iran prior to the occupation of Iraq by the United States from the standpoint of geographical location was the fact that opportunity in fact the beginning of the ground operation would be limited to landing troops on the ground between Iran and the Persian Gulf area, which certainly would have resulted in serious losses on the part of the aggressor, as the coastal defense of Iran probably would be ready to repel the first attack. But at the current time, the Americans and their allies can begin ground invasion from the territory of Iraq.

In accordance with the laws of modern warfare, enemies of Iran should first take control of the air space of the country. But Iran's air defense capabilities own very serious, and the Air Force aggressor will suffer significant losses. Prepyadstviya the Yankees and their allies will be even worse if other than the C-200 and the "cubes" that Iran is still at least a couple of S-300. Aviation Iran more moderate, and its defensive capabilities are small, at first, due to its insignificant size. According to official data, the Air Force Iran is less than 200 aircraft, half of which are obsolete or inapplicable for flights.

Very serious trump Iran is its ballistic missiles. In the case of the embodiment of successful start-up, they are capable of causing significant damage to both locations of U.S. troops out of the country of Iran, as well as the towns of Israel. In this regard, the first of what will be the U.S. Air Force bombers to hunt — is the Iranian ballistic missile.

How can pass a ground operation, if, before it comes to that? Provided rapid mobilization of Iran, the Iranian command will bet on it, that crush the Yankees numerically. But such an option is likely only when thoroughly organized the defense of human pt. Create defense, organized not only materially, and morally, maybe in this case, if Iran will have a few days to carry out mobilization, and Air Force and Air Defense Forces will not be destroyed in a moment. If in the event of a ground operation to Iran will make such a defense and successfully detain her for at least a month, Ahmadinejad can read about the failure of the West brutal purpose and claim their own victory.

So, with all his own self-confidence and courage, Ahmadinejad's statements are not without common sense. Possible operation of the U.S. and Israel against Iran — is a big risk to their military commanders and the reputation of their armed forces. In 1-x, the operation in Iran is able to turn to the United States and Israel untold losses in manpower and technology. In-2, Iranian missiles, if you perform a successful launch, can cause great damage to U.S. military bases, located in the region, as the towns of Israe
l. Since the beginning of large-scale operation against Iran is still a huge issue.

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