Iranian sailors rescued from pirates South American warship

South American warship had freed 13 Iranian sailors who a few weeks back in the Arabian Sea was taken hostage by pirates, the BBC reported.

The representative of the military department of the United States said that the Iranians have got rescued by the crew of a failed carrier group, because of which not so long ago, the Iranian authorities threatened to block traffic through the Strait of Hormuz.

"Iranian citizens and their fishing ship were released and in real time vorachivayutsya home "- said Capt. John Kirby. He also told about the arrest 15 pirates — presumably they are natives of the Somalis. suspected pirates on this element are on board the aircraft carrier John C. Stennis.

In a statement, the 5th Fleet of the United States says that the 13 sailors, the people of Iran, were taken hostage by pirates for several weeks. To a distress signal sent by the captain of the fishing vessel "Al-Mola" flying the Iranian flag responded to the U.S. Navy destroyer Kidd.

According to the released Iranians are cited in the statement of the fleet of the U.S. Navy, the pirates ship "Al-Mall" was used as a base for its own operations in the waters of the Persian Gulf. In addition it is reported that South American sailors had previously received a similar signal from another Iranian vessel.

A helicopter with a South American ship Mobile Bay sent to the ship. During the operation, the military beheld how likely the pirates took off some of the objects and tried to escape. Detain suspects did not, because the military had no evidence against them.

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