Iranian ships off the coast of the United States?

With a sensational statement not long ago made the commander of the naval forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Habibollah Sayar. He said that in response to the South American slander in order to force Iran to curtail its peaceful nuclear programs from and due to increased naval presence in the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean, the Iranian navy can head to the east coast of the United States. In addition, Iranian naval ships enter the Gulf of Aden for their own strategic interests. Sayar said Iran is not going to act obedient sheep at a time when its people face real danger. He called the United States the world's policeman, who intervenes everywhere to address the issues currently profitable.

Such a statement might seem ordinary bravado, because the ships of the Islamic Republic of intensive "not walking on the seas," more than 30 years. But the words of the Emperor Sayar is currently supported by specific facts. So, for the first time since 1979, the ships of the Navy Iran passed the Suez Canal and out into the Mediterranean Sea.

Against this cool sea war between Iran and the United States stands with the UN General Assembly, the President of Iran, and subjected to all the true obstruction that is associated with America. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that the Americans, instead of pointing to other countries of the world the way their future development, should remember the bloody pages of its history: a nuclear attack on Japan in 1945, the massive export of slaves from Africa, the multi-million dollar killing of civilians in Libya. This performance led the South American delegation to leave the room, though, is actually the case, the words of the Iranian president, in spite of all her sensuality, expressed trivial facts of foreign policy of the United States in recent decades.

Thus, Iran almost threatened the U.S. that may in any moment to strike back at the South American military and factory facilities. Coupled with that, the Iranian authorities have stated that their country is not the aggressor, and dare to use the latest measures only in this case, when she is attacked by the enemy. With all this the main enemies Iran, According to Ahmadinejad, Khamenei and Sayar, that the U.S. and Israel.

Try to imagine what could happen in this case the United States otvazhutsya strike on Iran. Draw a diagram of possible military events.

In 1-x, Iran can simply close the Strait of Hormuz, locking south american fleet in the Persian Gulf at the mercy of the new missiles "Zelzal" and "Shahab". Whatever possessed the power nor the 5th U.S. Fleet, he will be in a hopeless position strategically. The salvation of the 5th fleet will be thrown into other groups of naval forces, which can be fully met by the ships in the Mediterranean. Do not forget that Sayar promised to bring to the Atlantic Fleet and the U.S. border. And that, no matter how cool, smooth security threat for the American people. In the end, the Iranian ships are just tightly closed the Suez Canal, and then a naval got stuck with the fifth fleet in the Persian Gulf is out of the question.

In such a situation, the Americans will try to storm Iran from the air, but Iran has a C-300, which they had at the time to purchase from Russia, and this is a severe gun. C-300 may very well bring down the South American bombers and fighter planes on approach to Iran's borders.
In-2, the world still do not understand about the real Iran's nuclear program there. What if Iran in fact there is an unhappy nuclear weapon? Then the theater of operations may be reincarnated in the real story of the Apocalypse. By the way, do not forget that Iran could storm and Israel, and South American oil rigs in the country of Bahrain and Qatar. In the end, the Middle East could be reincarnated as a real boiler.

Great enthusiasm is the strategy itself operation against Iran. If Americans want military means to block the development of nuclear programs from Iran, they are a priori know that Iran nuclear weapons, and there can not be. And if Americans know what a gun is, neuzh something they otvazhutsya for such an amazing adventure as a massive blow to nuclear power? In the memory is not erased search of weapons of mass destruction on the ground of Iraq, which, by the way, are not found until now. Meanwhile, the "democratic" Iraq still lies in ruins. This and the fate of Iranian or …

In general, the confrontation between Iran and the U.S. does good for the world community is complete. This is more than a saying. Do they have enough of both of the brain do not give in to the mutual provocations and stop double-edged accusations?

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