Iranian submarine fleet — midget submarine «Ghadir»

At the end of the last century, when the Russian Federation "agreed" to suspend the delivery of Russian-made submarines to Iran, the latter moved to create submarines of own production. Designing and building the submarines lasted for nine long years, and in 2005 Submarine Iranian production was ready for series production. PL «Ghadir» named on the honor of the Muslim holy places (either Shiite prazdnichek) Ghadir Khumm. According to various reports, the true time, Iran has from 12 to nineteen units submarine «Ghadir».

After the announcement of the construction of the Russian submarine series, the Iranian pro-government TV started the company about the abilities of the submarine which was to ensure that the submarine «« Ghadir »stealth capabilities provided by the inability to act with its positioning enemy. According to unconfirmed reports, assisting in the development of its submarine Iran obtained from North Korea. Although we expect from North Korea's modern technology do not have to — the country has long been divided from the outside world, so that a technological backwardness in almost all areas.

Ultra-small size, diesel-electric propulsion system, a minimum of equipment and weapons — Iran has happened quite severe gun, really hard to determine the means of detection. Subs «Ghadir» developed the technology of the North Korean submarine «Yono» and something reminiscent of the Italian submarine «Cosmos SX-506B». Italian stotonnye submarine used by Colombia with 80's and can be used for the delivery of mines or special forces. Such type of boat intended to carry out the goals near the coast and in shallow water. According to the Iranian military, boats are made with the use of stealth technology, but most likely it is not the reality. Extremely small submarine «Ghadir» provided with 2 x 533-mm torpedo tubes and can be used for the transportation of special forces of the mining, the embodiment of intelligence. In the Iranian case, the submarine, used in the narrow waters of Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, though what the enemy will bring a lot of tough problems. It should not be forgotten that if there is a will and transfer funds, part ultra podlodkok Iran can throw the Caspian Sea.

The main characteristics of the submarine «Ghadir»:
— length of 29 meters;
— width of about 3 meters;
— sediment approximately 2.5 meters;
— SU — diesel-electric engine;
— displacement of the projectile / nesnaryazh. — 115/120 tons;
— team of 19 people;
— speed of 11 knots;
— armament 2 TA 533 mm caliber mines.

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