Iranian submarines went to sea to collect the reddish disk imaging

Iranian submarines are sent to the reddish sea "collect info and identify warships of other countries." Far campaign Iranian submarines in international waters takes place, accompanied by 2-Iranian Navy surface ships.

The compound consists of a submarine Iranian-made "Ghadir" ships "Bandar Abbas" and "Shahid Naghdi." The amount involved in the marine campaign submarines is not specified.

In May, the Iranian Navy completed the goal patrol the Gulf of Aden, remembers Iranian news agency Fars. And in February 2011, two Iranian warships "Alvand"And" Hark "paid a friendly visit to Syria, passing through the Suez channel. How reminiscent of ITAR-TASS, Israel referred to then this campaign "Provocation." During passage through the Suez Canal Iran's navy paid 290 thousand dollars. "Alvand"And" Hark, "became the first Iranian naval ships have passed through the Suez channel after 1979, when as a result of the Islamic Revolution in Iran affairs between Cairo and Tehran seriously deteriorated.

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