Iranian UAV: Reincarnation of Werner von Braun

The global aviation community was shocked by yesterday's presentation of the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad "ultra-modern remote unmanned bomber" Karrar. Bomber went 2-color: reddish (for opponents) and gold (for presentations). Aviation community shocked but not as many flowers as forms of "drone". Everyone agrees that they are surprisingly reminiscent of the Nazi rockets designer Wernher von Brown V2, by which the Fuhrer in '44 tried to damage London.

In addition, they are surprisingly similar to south american Firebee and the Russian Tu-143, also Italian Mirach . All of the above machines were developed in the middle of the 60s based on the same design background Brown. A fascinating feature of the Iranian "drone" is the fact that, most likely, it is reactive with a guided projectile attached to it the standard American Mk 82 bomb. He also remembers the Iranian cruise missile, manufactured on the basis of the Italian Mirach. Fighting properties similar trends are questionable, but it should be remembered that, in any case, the use of even a poorly guided missiles can cause severe damage.

South american Firebee

Russian Tu-143

Italian Mirach

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