Iranians considered three options for a possible war

Three possible variants of the war considering the Iranians. This, according to the "cursor", the study said Amir Mohebyana, a military analyst, the likely options for an attack on Iran US-Israeli coalition. The information was located on the website of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme ruler.

Iranians are assumed to be three possible military scenarios:

— A full-scale military action to exhaustion, taking advantage of both air strikes and a ground invasion;
— Point liquidation centers of command and control in order to destabilize the regime and the overall situation in Iran. In this case, military actions will last until such time as Tehran will not make concessions;
— Settlement of the Iranian military targets that could harm the United States and Israel.

Creator of the study notes that the first option unlikely, because the western countries do not have sufficient manpower and resources to implement it. Also, in his opinion, the U.S. would be afraid to start a full-scale battle, before the latest election and without sufficient exploration data.

Second and third scenarios, according to the views of the analyst, are closer to reality. Iran has the necessary remedies major military and political centers. Response to an attack would be "unpredictable." Even surgical strikes on Iran — not very realistic. Almost they reach their goals, but will be a prerequisite for the start of the war.

Recall that in the Israeli press in the near future are increasingly having data on the likely preparing attacks on Iran's nuclear facilities. The information the government has not commented, nor disproved.

Meanwhile, Leon Panetta, the head of the U.S. Department of Defense said military strikes on Iran will cause significant harm to the global economy. He added that the U.S. authorities as before pushing for political pressure on Iran and implement sanctions.

New aggravation of the situation around the Iranian nuclear programs from began on 8 November, after the publication of the report of the special. Commission of the IAEA. In the document, namely, it was noted that Tehran until 2003, under special programs from research conducted in the field of nuclear weapons, and some of them can last, and at the moment. IAEA report Iran called political.

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