Irish Army Rangers: selection and training

About the special units of the armed forces of Ireland, which is called Wing Army Rangers (Army Ranger Wing), our magazine wrote earlier. The official title of the division of the Irish language — Sciathan Fianoglach an Airm. Certainly, this modern translation, as Fianoglach — Gallic word taken from the old Fianna — the famous Irish warriors. Antique military traditions are respected in the military.

Now we will tell more carefully about how to organize the selection and training of personnel of the elite unit.

Candidates for the Army Ranger Wing (ARW) may be at least some hope, regardless of age, as the command did not consider age limit for the role in the trial. The oldest soldier Wing 44 years old, the average age of the personnel of the unit is 31 years. With operations in East Timor command in the formation of different age groups completed with their fighters, making units more stable and reliable in operation. Because the main aspect of life is only the physical condition of the candidate. To find it, candidates must pass a yearly ranger course selection (Ranger selection course). Every year for the role in the qualifying date comes from 40 to 80 candidates. Usually, after 4 weeks of testing in service is less than 15 percent. Each candidate has the right to try to pass ranger course selection at least 3 times.

Following 4 weeks organizationally divided into two phases.

In the first step, all start from scratch — the instructors explain the main requirements for the candidates. Newcomer to go through a lot of physical tests, to develop confident behavior in the water, take a course assault actions and personal navigation tests as eight-kilometer march. When testing the candidates asleep at least 4-5 hours and are invariable psychological pressure from the instructors. If a candidate is unable to do more than 3 of 9 basis of tests, he vorachivaetsya in his military unit, where arrived. Third and fourth weeks are composed of long reconnaissance patrol, which includes not only testing, and training of personnel. Candidates are taught strategies for action special forces reconnaissance base, organizing and conducting surveillance, collection of disk imaging, and company intelligence of enemy forces and conducting ambushes. Candidates seeking the highest voltage in the 45-kilometer march that ends the selection.

All candidates who have successfully completed a course ranger handed a shoulder patch with the inscription: "Fianoglach." Recruitment officer and sergeant positions also carried out on the basis of the screening tests. On average, the officers are in the part of 3-4 years.

It is necessary to draw attention to the fact that during the course of the proposed candidates qualifying tests and are similar to the average, and for non-commissioned officers, and officers. The selection process does not have a value of either rank candidates or positions previously occupied by them, are only important quality characteristics when passing the tests.

Those who were lucky enough to pass screening tests, a long way of development of modern military specialty. For six months they are receiving basic skills while in a training unit where wear dark berets. Then learn all brand new weapons and equipment that are available to the Rangers, and also get other abilities that they will need in order to successfully integrate into the unit. Only after completing this course candidates who successfully graduated from it have a right to wear the green beret, indicating it belongs to the Army Ranger Wing. Past selection and training course newcomers are part of the assault teams to master the art of public intelligence in the distant patrol and getting to the deepest rear of the enemy, gain the ability to dive in a special light diving gear, skydiving and blasting is in progress.

All Rangers are qualified parachutist after the 5 jumps with a parachute, then once a year to confirm it, making the software more than 5 jumps per year. The fighters assault teams are trained to shoot accurately from all kinds of tools, at their disposal, develop a strategy different mc storm: bus, car or train staff, and aircraft. In the forthcoming, regardless of their position in the group, they take courses of specialization: providing first medical aid (for all that all personnel passes basic training in first aid in the medical school of the defense forces), scuba diving, device and blasting operations, extreme driving vehicle.

The program of preparation

Honey training
Each Ranger Wing passes an advanced course in first aid medical professionals running the army medical corps. The program includes training a basic course of trauma care, the course and the course of intravenous oxygen therapy.
In the course of military operations, also on exercises and exercises the entire list of equipment honey is ready to provide medical care as the Rangers personnel and other victims.
As part of division has staff members who are looking for the state and the willingness to use medical equipment Wing.

ARW uses to transmit info and images of digital communications technology and mode of performance.
ARW are in service with the radio station and SINGCARS RACAL. The Rangers are studying the real part of communication and learn how to communicate with the staff wing, and inside the team to complete a task.
Communication with the staff of the Wing Defence Forces produce experts at communication.

As a candidate is selected to serve in the unit, he immediately gets a briefing on the rules of appeal with the gun. Increased attention is given to the acquisition of marksmanship abilities of all kinds of regular weapons: pistols, submachine guns, rifles. Marksmanship of the designated types of guns is the norm for the majority of the Rangers. More than prepared arrow master the art of sniping.

Sniper Training Division
One of the major military powers, who should own the Irish Ranger — is a sniper training. Up to half of the personnel of the Wing are qualified sniper. Such a high level of training gives commanders greater capacity when rassredotachivanii roles in the group in accordance with prof qualifications.

Those wishing to become snipers have to go through a seven-week basic course sniper. In the process he taught students with various special disciplines such as firing from sniper rifles of different models at different distances as a day or so and NIGHT MODE, the art of camouflage and concealment, orienteering with map and without it, the laying of routes and traffic on varying terrain the chosen route. After graduating from the training, ranger qualified as a sniper.

For selected snipers in personnel conducted intense workout from time to time, together with spices zabugornyh special forces. In the division also has a special course of anti-terror sniper, which contains the following subjects: better ways of shooting, camouflage in town, coordinated procedures for the maintenance of fire, as the transfer of computer data.

Employment positions, conducting surveillance and report on the identified purposes — very basic ability sniper ARW, which he must have perfectly. The personnel of the snipers Wing acquired the necessary combat experience in these critical functions in the role of the Irish battalion in the UN mission in southern Lebanon.

Advanced course navigation
From the moment of admission to the unit every Ranger undergoing orientation. Sure determine their own location on varying terrain, including very rugged and mountainous, as the old days, and the NIGHT MODE is the main factor of success in combat missions. It asks a more profound knowledge of the topography and the ability
to navigate. The role of the military wing in the military orienteering competition helps to hone skills it takes to merit their goals.

To meet these challenges, used a variety of devices and objects — from ordinary working map and compass to more complex electrical Navigator Global Positioning System with a computerized interface.

The introduction of explosives for intervention operations
Special intervention operations involve the use of explosives and explosive devices for penetration into the premises occupied by the enemy. Usually explosive charges set in order to damage the door. In order not to hurt the neighbors or random people, calculation of weight of explosives is very carefully.

Experts believe the Army Corps of ammunition team of sappers ARW more prepared in the army in matters of detection and clearance of ammunition. The staff of professionals ARW well acquainted with various improvised explosive devices, which are widely used by militants of terrorist groups in Ireland, the insurgency in southern Lebanon, as in other parts of the world where Irish Rangers had to participate in UN peacekeeping missions. The experience gained in the implementation of humanitarian, is crucial because it helps to adjust and develop a training program from the preparation of professionals for Demining and blasting operations, including new products, which are used by terrorists and insurgents in different parts of the world.

The organization parachute training
The development of programs from parachute training certainly for all the Rangers. All military wing has to do more than 5 jumps from a height of 600 meters with a parachute T10 round to earn the respective chest symbol "parachutist wings." The best jumpers in the upcoming run across to the development of programs from jumping in free fall with the delayed disclosure of the parachute. Those rangers who achieve this excellence, directed to develop applets, which called on NATO standards HALO (High altitude low opening) and HAHO (High altitude high opening). In the process of this master programs from Rangers jumping from a great height to the disclosure of the dome at low altitude, as jumping from a great height with the opening of the parachute at a high altitude and the upcoming planning in the area for a touchdown.

Most of the paratroopers Wing noted prizes acquired at various skydiving competitions in sports, including skydiving for precision landing and aerial acrobatics group. Team Army Ranger Wing is the Irish defense forces of global competition on a yearly military parachutists.

Diving training units
Some Rangers receive specialized combat swimmer. To do this, they must go through a two-week training course under the supervision of a light diver diving section of professionals from ARW. It allows you to buy the original lung ability to master diver and diving equipment. Students are adapting to act in the aquatic environment in different criteria and make preparations for the next phase of the course pursued by the Irish Naval Service.

Diving section on the basis of the Navy
This three-week course is an analogue of the course of divers of the Navy, during which trainees learn scuba diving compass, search for sunken ships, deep-sea diving, decompression chamber work and management of small vessels.
The final phase consists of a seven-day period of combat swimmer training under the supervision of experienced professionals from the diving section of the ARW.
At this time, students learn exploration harbor and coast, and the secretive landing aboard the ship (Covert Ship Boarding). Phase ends with a marine scientist with the role of frogmen Wing.

International exchange
As part of the ongoing training of personnel Wing carries out activities aimed at sharing experiences with entities and special purpose entities interference by other states, among which the royal marines Denmark, the group GIGN French Gendarmerie, the Italian CIS, German GSG-9 and the Swedish SSG.? Exchange of experience in the process of international cooperation allows both to assess their level compared to other special units and buy new special abilities and knowledge. The personnel of the ARW, passed a special screening passes to specialize in accordance with rassredotachivaniem roles in the subdivision in specialties such as combat swimmer, sniper, paratrooper, medic or demolition.

Training Courses

Create and prepare sections of frogmen
To division of Irish Rangers to meet international standards in 1982 as part of ARW was created diving section. Personnel, selected it and runs with experience of diving under the water, was tasked to prepare a list of the necessary diving equipment. Soon it was delivered and included eight complete sets of diving equipment, including underwater watches, waterproof bags for equipment and diesel compressor for scuba driving. First boats were ordered in England in the town of Avon. It was a 5.5-meter boats Sea-Raiders double navesnoymi engines YAMAHA 60. These boats were the first of their own kind in Irish waters, and therefore used not only diving section, and for the transfer of ground units on the lakes and in the course of offshore operations.

As equipment arrived, began training the personnel. Yet before the first "Course frogmen ARW» fleet service was held in the period from June 20 to July 8, 1983, the personnel section listened to lectures on the specifics of diving experience also got runs under the water. These classes are organized and conducted their comrades who had experience runs into the water.

Section lung divers of Fleet sought to convey their own experience newcomer division army divers. Long runs in the suits dry-running in mud and jumping off a bridge steel for beginners daily routine matter. If the military divers were going to get a symbol differences combat swimmer, it was to be earned. In the process of all the courses they have adapted to the black cool pool water, submerged under water for a long time to realize their abilities and acclimatize to the latest for many environments.

Professionals section of lung Navy divers soon became clear that the army divers are required to have the highest level of Professor and master of many additional knowledge and skills, as they had to do puzzles as a unit for special purposes. In that period was adjusted tight fit relationship between the section and the section Navy divers army divers ARW.

The course of combat swimmer
To this day, candidates frogmen ARW are four-week course at the base of the fleet. It consists of the following activities: lectures, physical training — above-water swimming with flippers, swimming for survival in the highest range, swimming in the webbed, search for wrecks and the development of research, underwater orientation of days and NIGHT MODE, the output of the water of the compass at the stretch of coast and exercise in clearing the coastal area, the management of small vessels.

Then the number of training hours in underwater orienteering has been increased. Also included was a training program from the theme of "The use of explosives under water."

The set of personal diving equipment each section comes combat swimmer: chetyrehmillimetrovy diving suit dry-type dark-colored Vest "Commando", contained breathing apparatus (SCUBA) Mark 10 with a regulator R190, console with 3 devices: a clock, a depth gauge and compass, weapons and a special hermetic bag for packing submachine gun MP5 D3 or Steyr rifles and communications equipment.

In-depth parachute training
In 1980, the ARW were opened first courses Defense Forces paratroopers. For the first set of training courses used parachutes C-9 — the former parachute unit The Curragh from the U.S. Air Force.

For small clearance time the unit has conducte
d the selection of candidates for the study of the real part and the parachute skydiving equipment, and for making training jumps with a parachute. Over time, there was a need for new parachutes, and in 1987 the government has purchased 30 new units for military parachutes T-10 with a round dome.

That allowed the Irish town of Gormanston Air Force courses.? Apart from the courses and ARW Defense Forces parachute instructors formed a team for the demonstrations. Parachutists Wings are usually at international competitions Irish Defence Forces.

Indicative team of parachutists always been the face of division. From the first years of the personnel of the ARW was involved with the team showing the defense forces «The Black Knights» («Black Knights") to conduct demonstrations that took place on the very highest level.

In addition to demonstrations Wing personnel are often in competition skydiving team represented the Irish Defence Forces, a couple of times winning the national competition for precision landing. Since 1991, the parachute team is Wing Defense Forces abroad in various international military competition. Over the past decade, the paratroopers ARW significantly increased in respect of Prof. were bought new military parachutes having reduced size and a special form that can do a free fall when developing programs from HALO (high altitude low opening). Apart from this, they have a real combat experience.


Despite the fact that the ARW comes into the regular army, it is detached enough. This is justified by the specificity of its objectives and the level of training of the personnel. Whatever the military operations of any Irish Rangers had to do every time they get from the superior command us wants to relax evaluate its performance. As an example, outlook commander of international forces in East Timor (INTERFET). Speaking of the Irish, he first noted their highest level of professionalism, which is an unusual way is mixed with modesty and reliability of each of the subordinate Rangers.

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