Islam Karimov put the goal of significantly improving the properties and optimal use of aquatic resources

Untainted water for Uzbekistan has always played a huge role. On its significance in our time says that the issues of work and improvement of water purification systems engaged himself President Islam Karimov. "Suvsoz" should work more perfectly.

Islam Karimov set a goal of significantly improving the properties and optimal use of aquatic resources, it first touches the massive unitary enterprise "Suvsoz" in charge of concentrated naikrupneyshie facilities specializing cleaning both drinking and waste waters.

This is a 7 day water treatment plants with a huge capacity of 2.4 million m3 per day, the total length aqua network of approximately 4 kilometers. Now under control of chemical and biological status of all drinking water. The enterprise operates modern equipment for the complete control of important microbiological and chemical characteristics.

Clean water in three steps Submersible Pumps take water out of the intake, it settles, with all this it added specials. reagents, then filtered and it goes to the consumer.

In accordance with the instructions of the president is scheduled:
— to lay new water supply network,
— repair are available,
— equipped with water saving technology network,
— modernize the city KNS etc.

All practical steps to implement the plan. For monetary reinforcement of these projects lure international investment from various organizations.

Already at this point by making the re pumping equipment on the main hydraulic works Unitary Enterprise "Bozsuv" save up to 23 percent of electricity in comparison with the period when such modernization has not yet been made.

This has increased the reliability of the process water. Statistics show that last year for the same, and now that the volumes of water consumption by half years spent on more 4.2 million kilowatt / hours of electricity more. Now saving is achieved and on the substitution of 3-10-s pumping stations. Energy savings of more than 150,000 kW / h per year.

To be thorough modernization of the sewerage system. Modern pumping stations (SPS), which have a very productive and reliable fecal submersible pumps, ensure environmental improvement is mainly the town of Uzbekistan. Quality Cleaning promises Strength for the order.

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