Islam will be the subject of mandatory in German public schools

The structure of mandatory subjects in the study of German schools added training course on Islam. The federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony were the first of the states in Germany, where he was introduced.

In the middle of this innovation is to find the politicians as supporters and foes alike. Against him were members of the Christian Democratic Union, it has supported the Home Secretary Gus-Peter Friedrich.

Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia was signed a decree, which states that "Islam"Now of mandatory subject together with the "German" or "mathematics". Will begin teaching a new school course in the next year, to monitor the administration of the process will be.

At the moment, in the middle school students in North Rhine-Westphalia, about 320 thousand students-Muslims. New subject vary a pilot version of the project with the title "Islamic Studies". Lower Saxony plans to start teaching "Islam" in the schools since 2014. According to the portal, citing, the project will be implemented in the future and in other federal states of Germany.

Already at this point in the German university is preparing future teachers of Islam. Universities, in what is already there or soon planned courses of Islamic theology, is in Tübingen, Münster, Osnabrück, Nuremberg, Frankfurt and other cities. Students who have completed this course, may hold the position of imams in mosques in Germany.

The Ministry of Education of Germany in recent plans to make about 2-thousand teachers to teach more than 700 kids from the families of thousands of Muslims.

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