Islamabad directly for updated Divide own nuclear missile arsenal

The Ministry of Defence of Pakistan said today that the recently held test the newest medium-range ballistic missile, an act that could carry a nuclear warhead.

The Defense Ministry explained that rocket Hatf-V Ghauri, range act which is 1,300 km, and is capable of carrying nuclear and conventional warheads, "Interfax".

This year, Pakistan has already spent eight ballistic missile tests. Recently took first dawned when it was tested rocket Hatf-V II, range act which is 700 km away.

Recall that neighboring India this summer, the latest tested an intercontinental missile "Agni-5." Range latest flight ICBMs — 5 thousand kilometers, it can carry a nuclear warhead, and "dostrelit" to targets in China or Europe. Indian rocket men also experienced a high class cruise missile "surface-to-surface", "Prithvi II» with the engine on the watery fuel, which can deliver a charge of 500 kg to a distance of 350 km.

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