Islamabad puts the U.S. faced with a difficult choice

When last week at a hearing of the U.S. Senate, Pentagon chief Panetta L. and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral M. Mullen spoke about the ability of U.S. military operations in the areas of Pakistan, Islamabad took it as a scandal. Such is the case with 2 between countries did not yet know …

Sounded topic Interagency Cooperation Pakistani intelligence (ISI) with a strong Afghan Haqqani network a terrorist organization based in Pakistan areas. Yankees' patience snapped after they intercepted telephone conversations operational employees ISI terrorists plotting attacks on the South American embassy in Kabul. At the request of M. Mullen, the Yankees have other clear evidence of cooperation of the Pakistani authorities with the terrorists.

The Haqqani network has now up to 15 thousand fighters, controls the situation in Kabul and counties, also in the southern provinces of Afghanistan. Haqqani militants responsible for hundreds of American deaths in Afghanistan, intimate and uniform power on the ground and take possession of the state where the shooting dies down. These people are going to replace the Yankees. "Whoever is in power in Kabul, he can not ignore the presence of the Haqqani — says the last CIA Marc Sageman. — We'll leave from there, and Afghans will remain. And they know it. "

Pakistani authorities not only cooperate with the organization, and make it certain rate. They fear that after the withdrawal of occupation forces from Afghanistan this country will become a new field of conflict of interest in what Islamabad, due to strained relations with Kabul fail to take a lucrative position. For example, to oust Pakistan from Afghanistan will be able to Indian business, which has long been waiting for the ability to return a transport corridor through Afghanistan to South-East Asia. In addition, the development of the Indian jewelry industry has long been eyeing ability to get out of Afghanistan's precious and semi-precious stones, are in great demand in the Asian market. This business is controlled by just Haqqani clan.

In geostrategic terms Islamabad fears that penetrated into Afghanistan, India, Pakistan will take "a pincer movement" with the 2-sides — from the east and from the west.

For Washington, the same people to quit Afghanistan Haqqani — is to admit defeat of the Afghan venture. Because there are ideas and organization of American raids on the area of Pakistan.

Professionals in Washington, analyzing acts Network Haqqani, amazed that the U.S. Department of Municipal hitherto not included it in the list of terrorist organizations. There is an obvious duality: Washington voiced far-reaching intentions regarding the terrorist organization that does not exists in the lists similar to her.

It seems to be pushing the Yankees to action immediately after the harsh statements Leon Panetta terrorists staged an attack on the consulate of the CIA in a protected area of Kabul and, apparently, to act in this area and beyond. They obviously play on the deterioration of relations between Washington and Islamabad, finding in the face of the Yankees suitable partner.

Pakistani authorities are seriously beginning to fear the South American special forces raid in North Waziristan and warned that this should not be done, resolutely rejecting accusations that the ISI helps the Haqqani network to carry out attacks against the military. Islamabad is willing to risk even conflict with the U.S. providing Pakistan billions of dollars in military and economic aid. Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Gilani said: "We reject U.S. allegations of links with Haqqani and carrying a concealed their war. These charges issued confusion South American government in its war in Afghanistan. "

ISI chief, General Kayani says that its service charges are unfounded and unfair. Defense Minister Ahmad Muhtatr stressed that Pakistan is a sovereign state, which can not be intimidated. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar has warned that if the Americans try to humiliate Pakistan, "they will have to pay for it." And last salting of Pakistan to the United States Malea Lodhi says: "Relationships come close to rupture if the United States did not end up joining the dangers charges. And do Washington's "Plan B" in case of an open break with Pakistan? "

But the Americans, what is called, bit between their teeth. They gave to the press leak disk imaging, which withheld since 2007, when Pakistani troops attacked a group of American officers in the border village of Ter Mangal. Americans met there with representatives of the Afghan authorities to resolve border issues, and after the meeting, the Pakistanis were fired. Then one south american officer died and three were injured. The joint investigation was conducted in full compliance with the conspiracy, and now the story was circulated in the media. In Islamabad, regard it as the injection of public opinion before a military operation. And, apparently, the other way for the Yankees not.

The Haqqani network has grown into the formal structures of Pakistan, and all samples Yankees chop off these bonds to no avail. "Over the past 10 years, the ability to change the strategic direction of thinking in Pakistan is one hundred percent exhausted", — said Tom Crosby, former senior adviser to the commander in chief South American units in Afghanistan. Now organization, led with 2 suckers Haqqani, more bitter than their father, headed for his own climax and the Yankees might negotiate a truce between the clans Haqqani and Karzai before leaving U.S. troops from Afghanistan will be hard. In the last days of the Haqqani representatives have signaled that they are ready to talk, but — on their own criteria. Past CIA officer which collaborated with the Haqqani back in the 80s, is that not be astonished if cooperation resumes.

In any case, the choice of Washington is limited: either storm the base of the Haqqani in Pakistan, unleashing an excellent political and military conflict with a non-guaranteed fruits, or negotiate with terrorists on the future of Afghanistan, forgetting that the whole war has been started as there would be for the eradication of terrorism.

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