Islamism sweeping across Europe

Patrick Buchanan in the book "The Death of the West" has warned that this is the West, of which the book will die in 50 years what would be bad to be fruitful. Reiterated its view Buchanan and in the recent book, "Suicide of a superpower: will America survive to 2025."

According to Buchanan, nedavneshny Muslim insurgency in the Middle East, and in general all over the world for the first time not just because of the provocative film about the prophet, but because of the hatred of many Muslims to the entire South American and West in general.

"… People have done it in Libya … it was planned in advance, prepared in advance of an act of terrorism. They hate … the United States. They hate our culture. They hate our policies. Their — a historical offense. They can only be anti-American ".

"I think — see also Buchanan — that there is a real lack of comparability between American culture and the culture of fundamentalist culture of the Islamic world … There's a revolution lasts, there comes a religious awakening — in the middle of the poor and the working class. The only thing they have is the Islamic faith. They are very militant in that sense. And they are looking at the enemy, as in the embodiment of Satan, and this fit the image of Americans and others — with their cultural invasion. "

According to the views of the writer, due to contraction of "Christian-European core" and the growth of religious, racial, ethnic and other conflicts, also because of demographic trends, together with the gravity of European and American civilization toward homosexuality Western nations absolutely extinct by the end of the XXI century.

Muslims will take their place.

Radical Islamists are already feeling that their time is about to come. And they do everything to bring it closer.

Israeli journalist Zvi Ezekiel made a documentary film, "Allah Islam", which gives some idea of the scale of the Islamization of Western Europe. At the basis of the movie — so called facts of everyday Islamization. The shooting took place in several European countries, they finished in the spring of 2012. The creator and director has several dialects of Arabic, and in the process he had to pretend to be another time for Palestinians. Ezekiel — managing "Arab" department news service of the 10th Israeli television channel. Briefly about the movie said, "Voice of Russia". Here are a few examples of "everyday" Islamism shown in the movie.

Swedish city of Malmo. The mosque, right proclaiming jihad. The walls are painted mosques calling for war against the "infidels." In the local Muslim immigrant family came journalist asked the child, "What are you plans?" And he replied:

"My dream — Jihad!"

Brussels. A member of the organization "Sharia for Belgium" promises that when there will be established Sharia law, the Belgians have to make room, and later get out of the country. Another activist Belgian cell reads at the camera:

"We will never stop. We are not scares bullpen and even death itself, because we are ready to die martyrs! "

English favorite Islamist, Sheikh Andzhima Khoudary, recognized the "Palestinian" reporter that on September 11 for his people — as the beginning of the revival. In the Islamic Centre in Luton young Muslim states:

"Now Islam everywhere! We round the day working intensively for the creation of a global caliphate. And we will win! "

Zvi Ezekiel says that most of the brutal heroes movie belongs to the fourth generation of Muslim immigrants. This generation says "No" to Western civilization and prepare for jihad, to a clash of civilizations, which, if they believe P. Buchanan, the West did not survive.

Moreover, the West itself — and the European Union, and the United States — leading in their own "democracy" in the Middle East and North Africa to power Islamist regimes. Analysts are already tired to write about the rake, which occur Western politicians, or of a boomerang that came back to the person who threw it.

"Explosive" countries, according to Eugene Satanivs'ka, are England, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, France. In France alone, every year 50,000 people perceive Islam, and 10% of these people — the adherents of design flows. Satanovskiy reads:

"Within Europe now sufficient urban enclaves. This Malmo, it is in the end a large town in Germany, it is Brussels. At 30, 40, 50% — Islamic. This is another Brussels, which is now giving more to you than half of the students here are those of the Muslim quarters, this is no longer the capital of Europe. Antwerp, in what they say to you — this quarter did not come in, you just do not go out there. This Somalis … This is not the Antwerp which I still remember the decade and a half back. It's really a high-quality conversion. <…> We litsezreem, as it happens, including by the fall of the Arab Spring in the process of Islamization and crazy all that just a year ago was a secular dictatorship. "

West Islamic Centre — London. N. Maliszewski recalls that even Hosni Mubarak in the 1990s, the voice of the list of 14 terrorist groups based in London, and pointed out that the terrorists, most of which — the killer who plan their next attacks, strolling through London after committing crimes in other countries.

First, the 2000s Afghan leaders of the terrorist movement openly worked here. "Muslim Brotherhood", which are now tucked into Egypt, were made in 1928 by British intelligence services ("to split the Islamic movement for national independence and genuine confrontation with the state forces of the Muslim world, which contributed to the colonial policies of Britain," writes Maliszewski).

As for the reality of today, by the beginning of 2009, 32% of young British Muslims, according to the U.S. State Department, advocated killing in the name of Islam, while 40% "would welcome the introduction of sharia law in the area of Great Britain."

Director of the Russian Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov said that in 2012, "Al-Qaeda" has begun to implement in Europe a new strategy of "thousands of shots," based on planned winding up of forest fire. This method allows the rebels to put significant economic and moral damage without needing extensive training and monetary costs.

About the terrorists targeted annotations indicate the organization "forest jihad", posted on the Web on extremist websites.

The Western press has also previously wrote about a similar strategy of militants and also referred to the terrorist web sites with instructions on arson and escape. But first October, the head of the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany Jorg Circus, said he had no information about the involvement of the terrorist group "Al-Qaeda" to forest fires in Europe, which read as companion Bortnikov:

"I have no such disk imaging. And in some speculative guesses do not want to participate … guess who in this case is right and who is behind it, no need. "

Meanwhile, last summer's sever
e forest fires raged in the southern areas of Europe were affected forests in Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia and other countries. 10s people were killed.

Richard Prasquier, the head of the Council of Jewish Institutions in France, said that the show leniency to a constructive Islamism — the same as the show leniency to Nazism. About this Prasquier told President Francois Hollande at the Elysee Palace on 7 October to draw attention to a serious dilemma.

"…Islamism, — Wrote Prasquier, distinguishing between certain concepts — this is the perception of the world, against which you want to perform in whole voice, if we do not agree with a mix of spiritual and worldly under one political "cover", regardless of the religious label. At the same time, "specific Islamism "reflects the view of the world that is asking to continue the divine thing, savagely destroying all enemies …"

Do Nazism and constructive Islamism, says creator, there are two trivial general points: first — the status of the Jew as a priority enemy, the second — his dehumanization.

"… For the Nazis, the Jews were cockroaches, rats, lice, or even just an overgrown by bacteria. For the design of Islamists, Jews and Christians — is macaques, pigs, donkeys and dogs. Experts discussions are various definitions, and we can argue about the place in the hierarchy of the animal, but the signal at its essence is the same: the enemy just outside looks like a man. A true knowledge is the ability to create his animal nature. "

Mohammed Measure shot in the head four year old child, and the Nazis broke the heads of the children of the trees — in order to save ammunition.

Creator with significant modicum of pessimism concludes:

"Be that as it may, in the world there is really a constructive ideology of Islamism, which is the killing of the glory of God. The impact of this ideology does not go down. And it will not reach any compromise. As in the past, at the moment, there are calls for restraint. But history has shown that we are to blame for their own failures, if we continue to persist in their own blindness. "

Rakes and boomerangs "Islamic democracy", which has already been mentioned so many times, "naive" Obama and leading European politicians in the Middle East and North Africa, which has been written too many times, the second round of democratization, which may appear to Libya and even in Iraq, rampant constructive Islamism in the Balkans — all knew that Sergei Lavrov, who on nedavneshnem dinner in Luxembourg gave the Europeans realize that they know nothing about the Middle East, and their actions could destabilize the entire region.

But does it matter to the Europeans, the people who put an end to their civilization to the Near East, to Syria, to Iran, Iraq or to stagger from the Islamists in Jordan? Even a little bit of oil — and then even if the grass does not grow. All the same, their fellow Buchanan sentenced …

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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