Islamists won the latest victory

The particular Islam continues its advent on the planet. October 15 in the Philippine capital and government naikrupneyshee Islamist movement in the country "Islamic Moro Liberation Front "(English Moro Islamic Liberation Front, abbr. MILF) signed a peace agreement. According to the agreements reached between the parties, by the year 2016 in the southern Philippines will be created by new girl autonomy. It will be mostly Muslim region in the country, where about 102 million people and a large part of the population holds Christianity (about 80% of the population Catholic, 11.5% Protestant, 5% Muslim, the rest follow traditional beliefs). President Benigno Aquino earlier admitted that the previous attempt to make a similar Muslim autonomy was "a failure experiment." The negotiations were over 15 years and have been repeatedly interrupted due to the resumption of hostilities. New region of the country will receive the title of "Bangsamoro".

The news that the Philippine government and the representatives of the Islamist terrorist organizations have agreed to sign the peace, appeared Oct. 7, 2012. The conflict between the government and militant Islamic separatist groups (initially with the National Liberation Front Moro, then at his base in 1981 was created by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front), which lasted for four decades, came to an end. His victim was about 100 thousand people.

Islamic Front has in its ranks some 12 thousand people and waged against municipal structures guerrilla war, demanding autonomy for the south of the country, where more Muslims live. Muslim enclave covers Minandao areas of the island, and a number of small islands to the south of it. Autonomous Region will be named in honor of the Bangsamoro living in these territories Moro peoples. This area will include five southern provinces (of the country's 80 provinces), in 6 cities of the provinces of North Cotabato and North Davao and such important town as Cotabato and Isabela. However, the exact dimensions and boundaries of the autonomous region will be determined in the process of referendum which plan to hold presidential elections recently in 2016 (President in the Philippines choose to 6 years — Benigno Aquino won the election in 2010 of the Liberal Party). The total number of ethnic groups Moro — about 2 million people. Their religion — Sunni Islam. It is believed that the Moro people have formed on the basis of the local population, with the participation of persons from Malaysia. In the 15th century in this region Malaysian negotiators have made Islam and came 1st sultanates. Moreau different large militancy (were noted in piracy), and had a serious resistance to the Spaniards.

For the realization of these plans will be created "transitional committee", which is to create a legal framework. 2016 "Islamic Liberation front Moro "must disarm their military uniform formation. Immediately the Philippine armed forces in several steps will give police the Bangsamoro law enforcement functions. The authorities will have tremendous autonomy rights in the region's economy.

Both sides took great satisfaction of this agreement, which summed up the result of many years of confrontation. People want to believe that this agreement will solve the problem of Islamic separatism and mark the beginning of the peaceful development of the country. The head of the Philippines Benigno Aquino said that this agreement will lay the foundation for a strong and definitive peace in Mindanao.

There are different views about the peace agreement. Many political analysts called it a historic breakthrough because it managed to finish a long bloody confrontation. Previously, all samples peacefully and agree to autonomy for Muslim Mindanao Peninsula, finishes without result. Specifically, it was expected that in the August 5, 2008 in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) will sign a peace agreement between the government of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (President of the Philippines from 2001 to 2010 year) And the delegation of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. But August 4, 2008 Philippine Supreme Tribunal in Manila issued a memorandum in which it was reported that the contract will have no legal force, because contrary to the constitution of the country and could lead to the disintegration of the Philippines. The document was not signed. After that, the Islamic Front resumed their fight.

But the reality is often not identical with the good wishes. There is a perception that troubled political situation, which is observed in the Islamic world and the regions of the planet, this is only the beginning of a long process. Islamic the world is in the process of political activity and very rapidly moving towards radicalization. We have watched as Iraq stood Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish components, Libya virtually ended the existence of a sovereign government of Mali Azavad stood out, there is a struggle for the fragmentation of Syria. Crushing countries, often on religious subject — it is a worldwide trend. There is a big possibility that a more constructive group of Islamic separatists are not satisfied with the achieved success and will continue to fight. Maybe after Short-break, we will see the latest flash and intensifying the conflict. This general trend for similar movements: one part of the Islamic Front accepts and signs the offer of the Government and shall be removed immediately radicals to recognize the legitimacy of these agreements, then they make a new movement that continues to struggle and states who signed it agreement, traitors. Will there be real peace in the Philippines, only time will tell.

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