Israelis have found a white hole in Space


If a black hole can not escape, then a white hole is impossible to get. But she herself gives birth to matter ejected into space (illustration from the site

In any case, since the two physicists believe that published the results of its calculations. If they are correct, humanity has managed to find even more bizarre than his opposite — a black hole.

Resource DVICE with some simplification recalls that in theory white holes arise spontaneously in the middle of the void for a brief moment to explode, throwing in our universe matter and radiation.

Until now, no one had the slightest evidence that such objects really exist or may exist. But Alon Retter (Alon Retter) and Shlomo Heller (Shlomo Heller) is suspect. This anomalous gamma-ray burst GRB 060614, recorded in 2006. Its parameters were so strange that the international community found it difficult to explain the source of the outbreak.

According to the same Retter and Heller, we were lucky enough to catch a white hole explosion, as the scientists and reported in the article (PDF-document), placed on the preprint server

Since the mechanism and consequences of instantaneous decay white hole is similar to the Big Bang that created the Universe itself, but only reduced several times, the authors called this event a blast Small (Small Bang). If this is true — it is understandable that in place GRB 060614, astronomers have not found any supernova.



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