Italian armored car IVECO Puma

Armored car IVECO «Puma» is a light armored vehicle with a 4×4. This car, like all machines the family to which it belongs, created on the initiative of Consorzio Iveco / Oto Melara. According to the plans of the Italian army command, armored vehicles fired languid «Centauro», available at equipping highly mobile teams have been supplemented with a lighter armored vehicles that have 4×4. Specialists Iveco / Oto Melara to have been made in accordance with the requirements of the armed forces have developed armored car «Puma». First experienced the standard armored car IVECO «Puma» built in the first half of the 88th, the second — first in '89. These cars were designed to test the chassis, and usability tests of the crew. The next three machines that have built in 1990, had a full book. By 1997, built a 6 IVECO «Puma».

Assembling IVECO «Puma», and the prototype 6634 are similar, by the way, the first couple of experienced IVECO «Puma» corporate designation was 6634 G, which only emphasizes the continuity of the structure. For the production of integral body monocoque construction applied tensile steel. Exciting feature of the machine is that the ramps are formed by the body is not separately installed bronelistami angled and flexible 1st sheet. As a result of armor plates which create body minimized: frontal, aft, two side, bottom and roof. At the sides of the machine is made by a single door opening forward, another door in the aft broneliste made. All doors are equipped observation devices and have loopholes for firing of personal weapons. 4-cylinder diesel engine is installed in the front of the armored car. The engine is shifted slightly to the right of the axis of the machine. In the first 2-IVECO «Puma» was used diesel cars Fiat 8141.47 (power 125 hp) liquid cooled. At the next set 180-horsepower diesel engine brands 8042.45. Automatic has a 6 speed (5 front and one rear). Wheel-independent suspension. On IVECO «Puma», in contrast to the armored car 6634 has a spring system, installed hydro-pneumatic suspension. All wheels are driven, used tires Michelin 11.00h16 office.

The driver's seat is behind the engine, to the left of the axis of the machine, to the right there is a place for the 1st Marine. Placed under the commander installed on the roof of the commander's cupola in the center of the crew compartment. A couple more seats for paratroopers placed at the edges of the commander and the couple near the stern armor plate. Troopers and members of the crew are facing forward. One of the features of an armored car IVECO «Puma» is the absence of the commander and driver of windows with bulletproof glasses that for such a class of machines is a very rare phenomenon. The driver has three periscope observation devices motionless. The driver's seat is height adjustable, and outside the combat situation, he can drive the car, sticking his head into the open hatch. At the commander's cupola, there are 5 periscope observation devices that give an overview of the total groove. The bracket around the commander's cupola likely setting 12.7-mm machine gun M2NV or 7.62-mm MG 42/59. Three smoke grenade found on each side at the rear of the chassis.

Due to various reasons the development and testing armored car IVECO «Puma» were very tight. Adopted the Italian army first car arrived only in 1998. Over the years, managed to swap the introduction of the concept of tactical armored vehicles. As to be expected, "neither the APC nor the Jeep" will not be used as infantry carriers started to accompany the "Centaur". The designers were required to create an enlarged IVECO «Puma» having a 6×6 and a combat weight of 7.5 thousand kilograms, capable of carrying up to 9 persons including the driver. It was assumed that on the basis of an armored car IVECO «Puma» 4×4 will be developed a whole palette of machines for different purposes, from the command post to the media 81-millimeter mortars. Now all the specials. Options armored car will do on the basis of IVECO «Puma», having 6×6. Until the 97th, it was built four experienced armored car IVECO «Puma» 6×6.

The performance properties of IVECO «Puma»
Crew — 1 person + 6 people landing;
Wheel formula — 4×4;
Combat weight — 5500 kg;
Length — 4.65 m;
Width — 2.08 m;
The height of the roof of the building — 1.67 m;
Wheelbase — 2.75 m;
Track width — 1.75 m;
Ground clearance — 0.39 m;
Most road speed — 105 km / h;
In store down the highway — 800 km;
The fuel tank — 150 l;
The caliber of the main gun — 7.62 mm;
Caliber guns accessories — 12.7 mm;
Chance of installing missile Mistral
Chance of installing missiles MBDA Milan.

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