Italian gun Chiappa Rhino 200DS

Chiappa Rhino 200DS from the company Armi Chiappa (Italy) is a compact for a six-gun nestled wear. Used for shooting high-performance cartridges .357 Magnum. Frame pistol is made of light alloy. Chiappa Rhino 200DS is built on an extraordinary scheme for the gun — the barrel is placed against the lower chambers drum. This design tool allows you to greatly reduce the toss during the shot. Drum "Rhinoceros" (Rhino) With a capacity of 6 rounds, in order to reduce the mass of the gun, the compactness and convenience of carrying concealed is made hexagonal and has rounded edges.

For charging and extraction of spent cartridges drum leans to the left. The drum is fixed close to the false trigger on the left side of the frame arm. Shock-type trigger, double action. Speaker false trigger — cocking lever located behind the lower chambers drum at the bottom of the frame. For firing Rhino 200DS can also be used cartridge .38 Special. There is also a modification Chiappa Rhino 200DS a pistol cartridges 9×21 IMI and .40 S & W.

Sights consist of a removable front sight and rear sight. Celik a longitudinal groove disposed in the upper part of the frame. For the production of the scope of the gun used lightweight alloy. The barrel, drum and some parts are made of steel. Option Hard Chrome gun 200DS — brilliant. For the production of solid synthetic rubber applied to the handle material. The handle has a surface texture of the wood. Not the most successful ergonomic pistol Chiappa Rhino 200DS has no effect on accuracy.

Rapidly firing Rhino 200DS compared with revolvers with the "classic" arrangement of the barrel — in front of the upper chambers drum — even easier. This is explained by the lower recoil and throw up the trunk. During the shooting, when the hammer is cocked for the earlier accuracy is about 2-inches (51 mm), while shooting samovzodom this figure is doubled and is about 102 mm. In the DA mode trigger pull is about 7 pounds.

The peculiarity of the gun Chiappa Rhino 200DS is the fact that during high-speed shooting bullets fall slightly below the aiming point. The main reason for this is the direction of trigger pull — a bit upwards and backwards. While pressing the shutter barrel deflected downward. In addition, the role played by the subconscious effort arrow aimed at the suppression of the recoil, which works enough training with self-loading pistols and revolvers traditional scheme.

Compact gun Chiappa Rhino 200DS for self-defense has the highest reliability of sufficient firepower and accuracy of fire, does not have a very protruding parts, sharp edges, has a weak impact, but the shot is not quite actually threw up the trunk. Price gun Chiappa Rhino 200DS in the United States is 749 U.S. dollars.

The main characteristics of the gun Chiappa Rhino 200DS:
Caliber — 9×21 IMI/.40 S & W/.357 Magnum;
gun — 165 mm;
Barrel: 51 mm;
Weight: 700g (without cartridges);
Capacity — 6 rounds.

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