Italian Lynx vypihnet creation of Russian Tiger in Belarus?

The confrontation of Russia's "Tiger" and the Italian "Lynx", apparently ended in favor of the latter. The assembly of Russian armored all-terrain military mission will be moved to the expanses of Belarus. Supplied previously adopted the Interior Ministry, the big-name "Tiger" was going to Arzamas plant which is under the influence of the notorious Mr. Deripaska. The oligarch has already showed its intention to extend the scope of the Belarusian interests in the automotive industry, but tangible support from the administration of this country is not found. "Tiger" will not only collect, and deliver for transport in the Belarusian armed forces. Recall that the armored car "Tiger" has gone flow assembly plant in 2005. Its technical features allow all-terrain vehicle to disperse up to 140 km per hour, and the load capacity is 1200 kg. The cabin has a capacity of ts to 9 people.

The news was covered in the official newspaper of the Defense Ministry, under the title "Red Star". According to S. Guruleva, investor, whose name is not called a bureaucrat, has proposed several projects, among which there is a proposal to build on the organization of "Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant." Tc conveyors Belarusian enterprises plan to use not only for domestic use, and for export. The enthusiasm of the Russian "Tiger" has exhibited countries such as Israel, Brazil, and Jordan. Possible buyers of cars are about 10 states.

A prerequisite for the transfer of production abroad may be coming rejection of the Defense Ministry of the acquisition of GAZ-2975 in 2014. These data have been placed in the print edition of the "News", but the source of the information designated journalists dubbed. Eliminating the purchase is based on the impossibility of rapid modernization of the machine "Tiger", which asks the Defense Ministry.

Management Military-industrial companies have already informed about the readiness to correct deficiencies that caused untold prirekaniya by the military. But the deadline for their elimination set at three calendar years that, according to the views of the Ministry of Defense, is unacceptable.

Now the military has a half hundreds of army vehicles all-terrain vehicles, and turn away from their use management Army does not want. But security "Tiger" leaves much to be desired and is equal only to class 3 in accordance with the established back in 1996, GOST. This protection allows the presence of the characteristics of the car in which the armor can be broken during the shelling in the distance with the 10-ka meters the most common machine.

Defense made the purchase and GAZ-233014 with the engine brand Cammins and with the engine JAMZ-534. According to the certification of a class of protection assigned to the 5th, but the military did not take such information into account.

According to unconfirmed reports management Russian army chose Russian "Tigers" Italian armored vehicles, known in our country as "Lynx". Up to now, did not specify certain terms of failure of the supply from the Arzamas plant, but the decision has already been made and it seems, is final. Prerequisites preferences Italian armored voiced by officials of the Head Tank-Automotive Management. So they said, "Lynx" is able to withstand even the explosive force of a mine, on what "Tiger" is not capable. MIC assurances about the additional capabilities the latest model armored car "Tiger", a degree of protection equivalent to 6A and not inferior in terms of the Italian "Lynx", the military bureaucrats are not considered.

Specialists defense industry say that the ability of the model "Tiger" even surpass the Italian armored vehicles, because it provides an opportunity to conduct fire with all kinds of weapons through special hatches are also special window at the edges of doors and sides. The machine is armed with armored glass. In addition to this military equipment armor withstands armor-piercing bullets from rifles with a caliber of 7, 62. Welded body makes modern "Tiger" safer because it eliminates deformation of the casing in contact with shells and bullets. "Lynx" has a body composed of armor plates that when the pressure between them may be dangerous to the life of the crew.
To join industrialists to experts are independent military experts who believe the last option "Tiger" did not yield an Italian armored car. But bureaucrats refer to lost time and do not want to open a discussion question.

There is a perception that the interest the military management absolutely no dignity "Lynx" and the secrets of the Italian car industry, and their latest achievements in the field of engineering. Of particular importance is the presence of an Italian armored car, a new engine, improved equipment and armored vehicles temper suspension. The positive experience of Italians, according to experts, military management wants to use in the development and design of new armored modular "Boomerang".

On the one hand the idea of implementing technology is very presentable, but the rejection of constant purchasing "Tiger" can cause severe blow Russian machine-building industry.

The assertion that the real purpose of the transfer of production "Tiger" on the Belarusian power plant is to maintain the production of this type of armored cars, such as similar to the truth. Management of the Arzamas plant is concentrated in the hands of the main administration of "military-industrial complex", which is a subsidiary entity "Russian Machines". Controlling stake in the latter company owned by Oleg Deripaska, not once to undertake trials to strengthen its position in the Belarusian mechanical engineering and its main purpose was Maz. Until now, all attempts to find a means of influencing the country's auto branch of the famous oligarch failed, and the decision as the transfer of assembly "Tiger" for a very profitable activity.

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