Italian machine coming ARX-160

Virtually all modern standards of firearms, one way or another, can be supplemented with many different electrical devices to facilitate the introduction of weapons or improve the properties. These electrical devices are the most disparate list, from simple laser sights, ballistic computers to small, with utmost precision to calculate the correction when shooting over long distances. In fact you can even talk about the fact that the electronics albeit slowly but surely comes to the world of firearms and soon settle there forever and everywhere. In the meantime, a symbiosis rather small hand firearms and electronics — a rather rare phenomenon, but even that is, hopefully. Most brightest examples of traditional weapons are closely plexus solutions to the electronics are different projects under the high-sounding names "weapon of the future", "soldier of the future" and there is still something of the future, that says that even the designers did not count on the actual distribution of their own creations in real. But there is actually operating standards and their properties and the ability to really beyond what is currently in the armies of many advanced countries. This article will try to get acquainted with one of the most promising designs manual firearms, and specifically with the ARX-160.

This reference tool has been developed in the framework of programs from "Soldier of the Future" for the Italian army. Despite the fact that the main work on the development of this small complex took over the company Beretta, not only she had a hand in the creation of ARX-160, so to attribute all of the awards given arms company would be unfair. In fact, the rifle range ARX-160 is already a finished firearm, consisting of a machine for the cartridges 5,56 x45 and single-shot grenade launcher sorokamillimetrovogo, but the work associated with the electronics of this standard are maintained to this day. Itself to itself complex was relatively small-sized, lightweight and ergonomic. Much attention has been paid to the modularity of guns, in other words on the basis of this tool, at least, will do something else, because it is unlikely that all of this is inspired by the new-fangled trends in fashion weapons case. In the shooting complex ARX-160 found the most extensive use of polymers that, but do not make an unbalanced instrument to external influences, but significantly reduces the weight of the gun, so the standard with a barrel length of 406 mm and weighs a bit less 3 pounds, though without electronics. In addition, the tool may also have a barrel length of 305 mm. Length guns stock folded is 750 mm (given to the barrel 406 mm), with the expansion, but shifted to the stop butt length ARX-160 is equal to 950 mm and with absolutely buttstock length is 1000 mm. So the gun is not malehankih. Incredibly fun, that the design tool is different from the latest modern models, which seem almost designed in order to collect on gryazyuka for themselves, although there is something to complain about, but all the same instrument has a smooth shape that in my opinion just a plus. In general, if you have already read the cleanliness standard is obviously not intended for the mass of weapons, so the individual in favor of the best aspects of ergonomics, the least weight, etc. forgivable, but this is my personal worldview. Powered rifle range ARX-160 from detachable box magazines, standard NATO staff is a box magazine capacity of 30 rounds. Brightly that tool can be used and Russian 5,45 x39 with a small substitution of parts, in general, this is true for all other ordnance near departed on his own gunpowder charge on the initial.

As mentioned above, the basis of a new small complex of the future began to rifle and grenade launcher, by the way, this part of the project was already fully prepared in 2009. Nothing extraordinary in the arms no, it's completely normal machine with automatic built on the withdrawal of gases from the barrel with a small stroke gas piston. The trigger tool allows automatic and single fire, under the barrel, single-shot grenade launcher mounted under sorokamillimetrovye shots to hold the handle when it is used is store guns. Much more interesting is that almost all of the controls are duplicated weapon on both sides of ARX-160, also by simple manipulations, you can adjust the release of spent shell casings in the right direction. In general, about the last one, I personally can not read as progress faster, it's short-sighted designers. For some reason it is always assumed that the adaptation of tools under fire from the left shoulder / arm only needed in order to make it more comfortable is the tool for left-handed and completely forgotten about that, and right-hander would be possible in such a situation, when the news consuming more harmless be unfamiliar with his hands. This may be due to injury or that more often because of the location of shelters, and in this case, to create a partial disassembly of weapons, so it was more comfortable, somehow surprising. Much more luxurious solution to the problem is to eject spent cartridges forward, on a separate channel parallel to the barrel, which, by the way, and easier to implement. In general, automatic grenade launcher, and most non-individual, built on solutions that have proven time.

Where are all the more difficult with electronic instruments. The fact that the final version of the electric part of small complex of ARX-160 is not up to this time, something is constantly added, upgraded and improved. Now electronics gun is a very real computer is not the largest housing. It contains in itself a device collimator sight, and low magnification optical sight, night sight, separated from it by the imager. In addition, the device also includes a laser range finder, ballistic computer for grenade launcher. As for the latter are controlled by the undermining of the grenades on the approach to the target, like the one that was sold in the U.S. for a similar program there with the 25 millimeter bullets, but so far the results do not apply. Also they say about a particular communication device and define your own, but how and what works, and it is not clear. In general, bustles a little box of high-impact plastic for a full eyeballs

Summarizing the result of familiarity with the instrument, it should be noted that the gun itself came out very, very good, but the electronics are not far everything is clear. It is a lot of features and abilities to try to lay this instrument, which, in principle, completely real, in that even really do it all firmly and durable, but that's how much it all will cost a very big question. Plus, do not forget also that although tool, that shoots itself practically and comfortably, and perfectly, and indeed the fighter should be able to handle the tool with the efficiency is not worse than with the use of electronics. In the end, the "brains" guns can be damaged, the battery sit down, etc., but the ability to use the same open sight and calculate a trajectory flight shot grenade behind him not to wear. In general, like it was not comfortable, and know how to use the instrument without any kind of mind-blowing priblud novels of the past century is also necessary.

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