Italian machine for Soldier of the Future

Everyone wants peace, because, according to the Roman proverb, prepare for war. Everybody does it differently, namely Italy since the mid-2000s working on applets Soldato Futuro («Soldier of the Future"). In the course of its implementation, commissioned and funded by the Italian Ministry of Defence at the firm Beretta was created brand new assault rifle, designed to change the outdated AR-70/90.

Automatic ARX-160, in accordance with the latest trends in the development of small tools, created in a modular scheme frisky with the possibility of retrofitting a specific unit in the appropriate configuration. Initially envisaged as comparability with different tactical "underweight." Chuck ARX-160 remained the same, and more than that of early Italian machines — 5.65 x 45 mm NATO.

The bulk of the parts, namely, almost all receiver box, forearm and the body of the trigger, made from reinforced high impact plastic. Housing guns actually broken into receiver, integral with the body and forearm trigger connected to the pistol grip and the receiver stores.

The trigger mechanism is made by Kurkova scheme. Two firing modes, single and automatic. Two flags interpreter fire at the same time performing the functions of an opt-in fuse, located above the pistol handle in the area of accessibility of the thumb.

Automatic Rifles ARX-160 not as futuristic as good looks, and more traditional and works by the powder gases, a small stroke. Mechanism Locking barrel is also not new — rotating bolt with seven locking lugs. The specific interest is that part of the bolt, which is responsible for the extraction of spent cartridges. In the "out of the box" release liner is carried out through the window on the right side of the machine. If necessary, the operator can switch mechanism extraction and the liner will fly through the window on the left side. To do this, though how sharp object, for example a bullet, custom push pin to the rear of the receiver. Switching extractor may be practically any moment.

Another exciting innovation for rifles Beretta, applied to the ARX-160 — interchangeable barrel. Perhaps use non-long 12-inch barrel (305 mm) in a standard 16 inch (405 mm) or a special heavy gauge length of 20 inches (508 mm). The substitution is likely at any moment, you just need to put the seal on the delay, push the button on the right side of the machine and pull the barrel. Installing a new made in working order.
Rifle ammunition supply is of the standard (STANAG 4179) stores. Established have a capacity of 30 rounds, but allowed the introduction of other designs of the reference, for example, Beta C-Mag.

ARX-160 is equipped with a folding telescopic butt of aluminum. He gets on the right side of the machine, adjust the length of the five-speed with a lock. The entire length of the upper part of the receiver is placed Picatinny rail. Another even smaller strip is located on the underside of the forearm. Elements of the regular dioptric sight are comfortable Picatinny-compatible bases on the installation of another sight they can be removed.

Since 2009, when the ARX-160 was put into service, it comes to the troops. The first to get the latest assault rifle special unit of the Italian Ministry of Defence and the Interior. A complete translation of all the power structures of the country on the ARX-160 should take place by the middle of this decade.

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