Italian machine gun AS70/90 «Beretta

As a basis for this machine gun assault rifle was taken AR70/90. Manual gun AS70/90 created to equip infantry units. The family of 70/90 developed in 1984 for the Army of Italy under NATO cartridge 5,56 x45. The family of an instrument includes four models: the carbine, rifle, assault rifle, machine gun. Batch creation of a machine gun began almost in 1995, have been carried out tests of his army, but the question of its adoption of a still open.

The design of machine gun generally follows the basic design of the rifle. But unlike the other models more heavy barrel can not field the criteria rapidly replaced. The work is carried out through the automatic removal of powder gases with all this gas escape hole made very forward. The gas control can be in one of the 3 positions — normal, wide opening of the gas outlet holes and closed with a one hundred percent (when firing rifle grenades). Firing rifle grenades you can carry on with the flame arrester trunk, although there are different starting muzzle device. Rotating bolt locking system with a pair of lugs borrowed from Russian AK and South American M1 carbine. Lugs for locking the gate are included in the grooves formed in the receiver. Recoil momentum as a result of this only accepted barrel and combat larva. This allowed for the production of other parts of the least strong and more than a cheap material.

In the machine gun AS70/ 90 shot is from the rear sear (to prevent spontaneous combustion in a hot trunk cartridge with an open shutter).

On both sides of the trigger flag is placed boxes translator fuse. The flag can be in one of 3 positions, setting the modes of "fuse" (letter «S»), «continuous fire" ("2") and "single fire" ("1").

To power the machine gun is a box magazine capacity of 30 rounds. The receiver for the store is made in coordination with NATO STANAG 4179 standard, which enables the use of the store from the American M16. Magazine catch also performed oboestoronney.

Pen Carrying placed on top of the receiver is attached with clips. Handle armed with conventional sighting device with a luminous label, allowing fast aiming at a weak light conditions and criteria for close combat, but in fact the device does not bear the sight. The handle can be replaced by optical or night sight in coordination with NATO standard STANAG 2324. In the stands knobs are slotted on the line of sight does not overlap. Sights — front sight and diopter-off, having set 300/800 meters. When sight zeroing can be adjusted in direction, and bead — adjustment.

On the weapon mounted plastic forearm, metal perforated handguard, telescopic stamped bipod. Butt, despite the fairly unusual configuration gives a good emphasis on the shoulder, and held firmly while shooting with his left hand bipod Heavy. For shooting gloves (winter) trigger guard hinged do.

The order of the Italian unloading machine gun AS70/90 «Beretta":
1. Disconnect shop.
2. The bolt handle to withdraw back to the moment of shutter sear.
3. Through the window of the receiver look around the chamber (test the cartridge in it).
4. Push the trigger while holding the bolt handle and smoothly return shutter and the bolt carrier in recent frontal position.

Technical properties of the Italian machine gun AS70/90 «Beretta":
Cartridge — 5,56 x45 NATO;
Weight of machine gun — 5.43 kg (without bipod and store);
Length of gun — 1000 mm;
Barrel length — 465 mm;
Rifling — 6 of right;
The stroke length of rifling — 178 mm;
Rate of fire — 800 rounds per minute;
Magazine capacity — 30 rounds.

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