Italian Soldiers of the Future for the Russian Federation?

Military-technical cooperation between Russia and Italy gradually gaining momentum. Initially, an agreement was signed for the licensed establishment armored "Lynx» (Iveco LMV). At first, it was clear that a Russian Defense Ministry plans to buy several pieces of Italian armored vehicles for testing. Not later than a similar message regarding promising ekipirovok combat fighter (BES). As the days are reported on the blog of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, two armored vehicles, which are the subject of vernal agreements already arrived in Russia and will soon go to the landfill. In the case of the BES so clear news yet, but some information has already appeared.

Italian "Soldiers of the Future" for the Russian Federation (photo

For a few days before the opening of the air show in Farnborough representatives of the Italian industrial group Finmeccanica told about the negotiations with Russia for the supply ekipirovok model Soldato Futuro («Soldier of the Future"). Messages from the Russian side so far had about such a view — Russian army needs in similar complexes, negotiations are conducted, the probability of delivery. Against the background of such a lack of information instantly became a visible contribution to Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore. The publication claims that our homeland is not simply want to buy a few sets of Soldato Future, for research or special equipment units. Russian military, according to the views of the creators of articles, going to "bet" on Italian design. As evidence of this is the enthusiasm of our military's armored car LMV, as Centauro wheeled armored vehicles and Freccia.

All the same, it is recognized that similar evidence is faster recalls some freshest sensation to "manufacture" which is not spent a lot of time. Hardly armored vehicles and BES can be considered as similar projects, so order immediately and directly. The best that can be expected right at the moment — buy a certain number of test kits, but less. This version is about the likely course of events is under a certain foundation. First, we must remember the words of our commanders on Centauro and Freccia. At the current time, the two armored cars are only available for testing. Maybe in the future a certain number of such wheeled tanks and infantry fighting vehicles will be purchased. But in this case they will arrange a Russian military. With all of this often voiced version of buying machines for research and the next use of certain technologies. It is possible that specifically for this purpose Our motherland wants to get a few Soldato Futuro.

What did intrigue Russian military might? At first, this approach to the composition of equipment. Soldato Futuro is a complex of different means, weapons and armor. The latter does not have any significant innovation to dwell on it carefully. Much more fascinating is adopted from the promising Italian BES. Its base — automatic rifle Beretta ARX-160. This tool has successfully blended the standard vapor-automatic, removable barrel and a huge number of parts made of reinforced plastic. For the convenience of military supplies and compliance with NATO standards applied crotch cartridge 5,56 x45 mm. As required under the gun of rifle grenade launcher can be mounted GLX-160 caliber 40 mm.

SCORPIO — portable sight for 40-mm grenade launcher GLX-160

Rifle ARX-160 has four standard Picatinny rail for mounting accessories. Complex Soldato Futuro involves the installation of a set of tools ICFCOS (Individual Combat Fire Control and Observation System — Personal system review and fire control). Its base and the most noticeable element — a sighting device ASPIS. In the upper part of a collimator sight for firing at day criteria. For fighting in adverse weather conditions or NIGHT MODE lower unit sighting device is a thermal imaging module with the camera. Thanks to his fighter can monitor the situation in the criteria of weak little light as a sight itself, and through the helmet-mounted sight system NIMOS. In the latter case, the video signal from the aiming device on the rifle wirelessly transmitted to NIMOS or a remote terminal, for example, the unit commander. Also on the rifle, and more precisely on the attached grenade launcher, mounted sight SCORPIO. In the plastic housing electronics device is capable of calculating a trajectory flight grenades depending on the distance to the target and automatically adjust the open sights. In the front part of the sight SCORPIO there motionless fly, but in the back — swinging rear sight. Depending on the desired elevation, the sight without the help of others raises or lowers the rear sight. It is reported that sight for the under-barrel grenade launcher can receive all the necessary information to calculate a single control unit, or from other parts of the BES.

ASPIS — functional sight for small weapons

On the helmet of the complex Soldato Futuro installed video system NIMOS. Placed on a special bracket and the camera viewfinder. The digital camera is comparable low resolution sends a signal to the OLED-display, located in front of the eye fighter. In addition, it is possible to transmit the picture on the screens of the other fighters or the remote commander. Curiously camera placement: its optical axis is located above the top of the helmet. Due to this video system can be used including a periscope for observation of the terrain without having to exit out of the shelter. With all of this does not necessarily remove the helmet. On the inside of the protective headgear are headphones and a microphone for voice communication with other fighters. The headphones have a noise reduction function. In addition, they are equipped with sensors to monitor the health of a fighter.

NIMOS — helmet-mounted sight-LED (photo

The supervisory equipment "Soldier of the Future" also comes functional binoculars LINX. Big enough device can be used not only for observation of distant objects. LINX has optical, television channels and teplovizionnyy also a wireless communication system. In other words, the binoculars can inspect the area not only of days, and the NIGHT MODE and for all that transmit a video signal to other fighters. The implication is that such a development will allow faster and easier to explain to the soldiers fighting their puzzle. In the end, binoculars LINX has a laser range finder, target designator, and a GPS-recei
ver. So Makar, with just the 1st device fighter can do a number of diverse tasks, from "spying" for the enemy to attack for illumination purposes of guided weapons.

LINX — a portable personal binoculars-pointer (photo

The central element of the complex Soldato Futuro, through which the bulk of the disk imaging, is a portable computer Larimart Wearable PC. All transfer between disk imaging fighters through a single portable radio Selex SDR. Electrical apparatus 1 is connected between the second set or a wired method or a wireless channel. In the first case, between a radio station connected to a computer and a number of other equipment carried in pouches. The cables connect equipment directly as well as through special hubs. Wireless communication between sets of soldiers and commanding terminal is carried out on a specially modified technology of Wi-Fi. Power to all electrical systems or implemented by a centralized storage system placed on a belt fighter, or from their own Accum. Equipped with the latest binoculars, rifle scopes for rifles and grenade launchers. Developers supply system say that they were able to provide power supply of the order of 120-125 watts per kilogram of battery.

All transfer between disk imaging fighters through a single portable radio Selex SDR

Communication between soldiers and commanders by using a wireless system, broken into two sabseti. C2 network responsible for transmitting navigation disk imaging, maps, monitoring the health of the fighters, also for the interaction of all parts of the 1st set. Network C4I, in turn, is used for voice and video communications between soldiers of the 1st department or platoon. For communication with the command of a superior level of foreign funds are used.

At the current time there are works on the integration of complex Soldato Futuro in the Italian armed forces. For example, the Freccia infantry fighting vehicle has already received a set of tools for full compatibility with the "soldier of the future." Please upgrade undergone communications equipment, which added the ability to Wi-Fi-connection. In addition, the workplace is equipped with a terminal BMP commander for the collection and processing of all disk imaging coming from the unit.

As we see, the acquisition of a significant number of complexes Soldato Future can be profitable not only to a buyer who would make a better army. A huge number of different equipment will give excellent profits and manufacturers. We should also mention the need to provide suitable equipment of military equipment, which will serve as the men dressed in BES. Fully understand the desire of Italian journalists, military and industrialists to get such a large and currency agreement. But the Russian Defense Ministry also has its eyes and they are unlikely to involve a huge waste. In addition, in the Russian sphere of defense taken to procure weapons, equipment and machinery abroad only in the latter cases. In the end, it's worth remembering "competitor" of Italian design. Even in the past year, it became clear that the Russian Defense Ministry is negotiating with France for the purchase of a certain amount of BES FELIN. Need to see that after the occurrence of the news appeared exactly the same guess that at the moment. Prevailing attitudes about possible purchases of huge batches of the French system, and even the complete translation of her Russian armed forces. As we see, there is no large-scale agreement was not followed, and then there were reports of new negotiations and the latest BES. From these events, you can make only one logical conclusion — the Russian military has not fully determine overlooking a promising fighter fighting equipment and want to first carefully study foreign experience as an example of multiple systems at once.

In the winter of this year, the responsible persons of the Russian military department a couple of times mentioned the development of Russian BES. First, the start date of supply kits to the troops was defined in three years. Then, just a couple of months, it reduced the almost twice. Budding Russian BES go to army tests as early as next year. It is entirely possible that in its development were taken into account zabugornye generation, much less awareness that certain thoughts and pans is not necessary to teach technology or manufacturing documentation — a lot of it is clear and understandable only from the analysis of the equipment. So in the end, all purchases can be limited only in small batches or sets FELIN Soldato Futuro. At the same time, increasing with the number of models can be acquired BES. Similar projects exist in Germany, Switzerland, the United States and several other countries. They all can be exciting or even beneficial Russian military. Because maybe in the future we will see a new version of the message and telling about another "rate" of the Russian military.

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