Italian technology for Boomerang?

Not so long ago, the media disk imaging was reported that the Russian Army abandoned the Russian BTR-90 in favor of the not yet developed a light armored vehicle "Boomerang," which in turn will make in the coming years. To develop one of the budget already allocated 10 billion rubles, and the plan developers must submit its armored vehicles in 2015. So it became clear that the Ministry of Defence decided to purchase more than 1.5 thousand Italian-made armored cars «Iveco» LMV M65 Lynx. According to the representatives of the Ministry of Defense, it will allow RF technology to get the suspension and engines for future modular armored vehicle "Boomerang". The fact that in Russia planned to do with the company «Iveco» joint creation of 500 armored vehicles per year, it became clear back in 2010, but such a turn of events obviously no one expected.

It would seem that the value should be at the Russian manufacturers, and enacting Russian Army foreign military hardware, namely the NATO states must conform to common sense. Be aware that these countries are positioning Russia as a potential enemy, and the purchase of weapons increases the economy of NATO states and at the same time weakens the Russian. You also need to decide how and what tasks will be doing battle zabugorny standard, and most importantly how you need it to our military, and whether the requirements and standards imposed on Russian military equipment. Another important factor is the possibility of unification "foreigner" with the likes of Russian standards. In the statement that our homeland is no longer able to create their own armored cars even before it is hard to believe. The same "Tiger", in my opinion, it's not a masterpiece of the Russian defense industry, yet in many ways superior Italian benchmark.

I think the story of the many online movie, filmed during last year's comparative tests Bronnitsi, where it is clear that the driving characteristics «Iveco» is much worse than the "Tiger." But the tests have been completed ahead of schedule, and based on their results for some reason Italian standard is recognized as "successfully passed" (?). Then in June 2010, according to the order of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, adopted by the Russian Army. More about Tipo purchased with armored car development: clay armor, used to it, made in Germany, then in Italy complemented durable polyethylene, produced in Holland. The development of its production was not sold even the Yankees, we are not implementing it in any case. On the strength of armor, which, according to the Italian manufacturers, meets the latest standards and requirements should be clarified — the requirements NATO. According to these norms armor is not considered breached if the 50% minus one hit did not result in penetration, breach or cracks.

By Russian standards is broken is at least one hit, after which there is crack in the armor. In other words, if 4 out of 10 hits pierce armor, all the same, according to the norms NATO, is not breached. If the landing crew + LMV M65 Lynx is 5 persons, it is quite the 1st store SVD, equipped with armor-piercing ammunition with B-32, to disable almost all the members of the crew and troops. But the armor protection of the machine is correct … operating temperature range of Italian cars from -32 to +47, this indicator does not meet the requirements of Russian armored vehicles, the temperature range for which ranges from -50 to +50, though military bureaucrats have ignored this and took LMV M65 Lynx on arms. At very low temperatures, a clay armor plates just shatter when hit even armor-piercing bullets. On this point, the question is how you plan to repair warped armor plates? Or dependence on foreign producers (read — a potential enemy, a NATO member) is not weakening the defense of their country? Then it's not just greed, and most real diversion.

In contrast to the "Tiger", which carry fire through a hatch can immediately two fighters on «Iveco» it can do only one fighter. The absence of loopholes for firing a gun is a huge personal net. In addition, it should be noted very unfortunate placement of the crew and landing, landing is located in an isolated from the control module of the troop. Given the rather weak armor and inability to move the troop compartment of a control module, do not stay in your car is not hard to guess what it is a threat to all members of the crew in a real fight in the event of death or injury to languid.

Price armored LMV M65 Lynx depending on the equipment ranges from 256,000 to 461,000 euros, while the price of Russian armored car "Tiger" of less than 5 million rubles. How much can you build on these means Russian armored vehicles are not inferior zabugornom peers, it is easy to calculate.

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