Italian war machine with heavy weapons, Chentauro

This machine was created by a consortium of "IVECO-OTO Melara" in the 1980s, and its creation was started in 1991. Housing welded metal machine provides protection against small fire guns and artillery shells of the fragments (by frontal arc — caliber projectiles of 20 mm and the other projection — 12.7 mm bullets).

Place the driver placed in front of the left and on the right is the engine-transmission compartment. The rest of the case is protected by the firewall it. In the driver's three viewing devices, the average of which can be replaced with a night vision device. Mounted on the roof of the shell tower offset somewhat reversed from its central transverse plane.

In this model, installed a 120-mm smoothbore gun (Shown across the bottom BMTV with 105-mm gun). The tower provides space for the commander (left), gunner (right) and loader (on the right in front of and below the gunner). Its roof in the middle of a dome shape to give the gun declination angle (angle / declination of +15 to -6 °), The commander has four surveillance devices. Drive towers and electro-gun, with manual guidance. The main performance characteristics of BMTV: Non-floating, landing gear wheel formula 8×8, combat weight of 25 tons, the crew of four, with the length of the gun forward 8.55 m, width 3.05 m on the case, the maximum height of 2,735 m, 0,417 m clearance, diesel engine, with a capacity of 520 turbonodduvom liter. s, the maximum road speed of 105 km / h speed in store for combustible 800 km; fording depth of up to 1.5 m may be additional armor. Apart from the guns on the BMTV equipped with two 7.62 mm machine guns (coaxial and anti-aircraft), two quad grenade launchers for smoke screens. Ammunition 40 artvystrelov. 1,400 machine-gun rounds and 16 smoke grenades.

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