Italy has bought from Israel two flying radar

Italian Ministry of Defence signed with the Israeli state company Israel Aerospace Industries contract for the supply of 2-distant aircraft radar detection based on passenger aircraft Gulfstream G550, reports Flightglobal. The deal amounted to 750 million dollars. In parallel, an agreement was signed for the establishment of satellite tracking for the Italian company Telespazio at the cost of 182 million dollars.

The air force Israel AWACS aircraft are based on the G550 designation Eitam. Airplane flight range is about 10 thousand kilometers and cruising speed — 900 km per hour. The kit aircraft equipment includes radar EL/W-2085 phased array in a conformal compartment, electronic warfare systems and radio and electronic intelligence.

According to Flightglobal, the conclusion of agreements with Israel for a total of 932 million dollars was the response of the Italy for the purchase of the Israeli side of Italian trainer aircraft M-346 Master. Contract to supply 30 M-346 was signed on July 19, the price was 600 million dollars.

In addition, the Israeli military has signed agreements with companies Telespazio and Selex Elsag for supply of additional equipment for the aircraft Master. With these contracts total value of all contracts Israel with the Italian side was 850 million dollars.

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