Italy has developed a drone to start from tanks

The Italian company Oto Melara has developed a small one-off unmanned aerial vehicle apparatus Horus, created for the launch of the 120-mm smoothbore tank gun, TSAMTO reports with reference to Jane's. Under the program for the Ministry of Defense of Italy were collected two phones and two ground control stations.

Italian UAV installation pulling propeller driven by an electric motor. Length Horus is 98 cm and the height — 34.6 cm. Housing drone, the largest take-off weight of which is 1.3 pounds, is made of carbon fiber. Horus made on the aerodynamic configuration "duck" with folding wings and stabilizer.

Horus can do fly at speeds of 21.6 to 108 km per hour and stay aloft for an hour. As expected, the first new drones will be equipped with main battle tanks Italian C1 Ariete. Italy are in service with about 200 of these machines. Horus Tank crews will give the opportunity to independently gather intelligence.

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