Italy has set the RF test two wheeled tank and two infantry fighting vehicles

Italian manufacturer has put the Russian Federation for testing two wheeled tank Centauro and two BMP Freccio with ammunition, to begin firing solution to the Russian side, told RIA representative Announcements defense company Oto Melara.

"All four machines are located in Russia, the last two — Centauro and Freccio — were delivered in July. Delivered as all you need to start shooting. When they begin, we can not say it needs a decision on the Russian side, "- said the agency interlocutor in the framework of the naval exhibition Euronaval.

According to him, the test times of the Russian-Italian agreement to be determined. Also, the Italian side can not say whether they will in buying Russian party license to build wheeled tanks.

Formerly curator programs from Oto Melara for cooperation with Russia Bruno Farina told RIA announcements that the tests could lead to the creation of a joint venture for the integration of Russian missile systems and armored vehicles, Italian, Russian, or to purchase a license. No decision has been made.

Were initially placed wheeled tank Centauro with a 105 mm gun, and made it the basis for BMP Freccio with a gun, 25 mm — both cars in such configurations are in service with the Italian Sun In July, were delivered to the same platform with 120 guns and 30 mm.

Tests are held under an agreement signed by the Russian and the Italian Ministry of Defence in September 2011. By its terms, Italy delivers RF four combat vehicles in two steps for the evaluation of the Russian army.

Combat vehicles and Centauro Freccio JV performed CIO, made by Oto Melara, a member of one of the large holdings of Italian Finmeccanica, and Iveco. In this case, Oto Melara produces towers and weapons systems.

Crew Centauro of four men fighting weight — 24 tons, maximum speed — 100 km per hour in store range — 800 km. On armed with cannon, machine gun and two 7.62 mm. These war machines are in service of 4 countries — Italy, Spain, Oman and Egypt.

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