Its time to declare a moratorium on Spies

It so happened that recently saw two movies about the same time — "Rurik. Lost profits "and" spies. " From each left their impressions. From zadornovskogo "Rurik" — mild euphoria from son of a bitch was able to say and show that many people know, but strangely did not find out in the wide public circulation. "Rurik", with all its "scientific lightness", due to turbulence interest in national history, and led the discussion of the narrow "canonical framework" for wide and free Russian expanses of breathtaking, and I want to believe that the Russia-Russian front same great future, which remained behind her … Akunin's "The Spy" — a bright, showy Hollywood Story, a vague anxiety caused. This is what happens when all things seem to be in place, but something still quietly rearranging, and it changes the whole picture, it fills a different meaning.

And with the "spy", the spirit of prewar passed seemingly plausible, and several fake or just fancy parts, woven into the story, like cereals do not spoil, but the meaning, the course of historical events and their interpretation change.

A key scene in this sense, the meeting in the Palace of the Soviets fictional German agent Vasseur with the leader, when the first convincing second that war until the beginning of 1943 will be. Trifling detail, fiction author … but woven into the fabric of very specific event-driven, detail, this no longer seems trifling, for me, but rather, a substitute for historical reality. This substitution is intended in the first place, the younger generation of Russians, many of which, what could be frank, the history of the state knows or bad, or absolutely nothing. For a second, back to the movie "Rurik" to the episode when Zadornov interviews of young people, asking them, "Who is Rurik." Five young creatures were given five different answers!

You can calm down: nothing, they are young, still have time to explore the history of the Fatherland. But the point of the modern world that the youth story "learns" for just such a "textbook", as the film "The Spy." A "spy", entirely within the genre, slip misinformation and thus format consciousness and "historical knowledge" in a certain way.

In fact, Boris Akunin and director of "Spy" Alexey Andrianov (in the same series should be top performers and put the order — producer Leonid Vereshchagin and Sergey Shumakov) continued the line rigged Russian history — Normanists Bayer (the founder of the theory of Norman origin Russia), Miller and Schlozer .

What is the history of Russia copied the German trio, is well shown in the movie "Rurik. Lost profits. " Why apply for a recent history of "certain way" to buyers with modern-Miller, also, in general, of course. People with vulnerable, nikudyshim, third-rate past, not people — little people, melkotravchataya mass that must lead to an enlightened future, to the world. A civilized world we have only in the West.

Customer problems Hollywood crafts such as "Spy" is well placed to lead in the Western world, not people fellows. "Their" people in the West and not have enough. Being "spies" are designed for the new generation (old something special not caught with chaff, but it is mostly already written off the scrap), as indicated by glossy spetseffektnaya "packaging" of the film, in the style of the youth trend. But if there are no people — no full society, which means that there is no stable, strong state.

In order to undermine and ultimately destroy the state does not have to go to his war, it is enough to shake the consciousness of an individual human unit. When the mass of shattered "human ones" close to the critical state itself collapses under its own weight, like a colossus with feet of clay. This theory is consistent with the practices of modern information war.

With Russia now is a full-scale information war. And in the absence of Russia's official ideology, this war is very successful.

Generally, it is a nonsense that a large state (count myself even Powers), involving ancient history, has no official ideology. It is all a little bit self-respecting state and public entities — from Islamic Iran to the European Union, of the U.S., we just keep quiet. And Russia's official ideology — no! No, without which it is impossible to place any political or moral values. That performs a protective function as a single person, and the state as a whole, because it gives a clear picture of the spatial occupied places in the world.

State without ideology — it's trouble. Indirectly by this disaster in question the head of state said a journalist from the "Russian news service" in the so-called a press conference held on December 20 in the World Trade Center on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment. She said: "… the question is important. It is about the educational role of the state in our country. In Soviet times, of course, such a role of the state was, and now, we know that there is an active film financing, government channels. But my question is, why these channels are partly funded by the state or owned by companies with state participation, by journalists who allow themselves sometimes to focus primarily on the negative state of our country — there is all sorts Svanidze Dorenko Posner? Tell me, please … They criticized the Russian Orthodox Church, they raise questions, inciting inter-ethnic conflicts — why is this happening? "

Judging by the response of the President, he either did not understand the importance of the issue, or does not give it the proper value, or converges with broadcast (read — ideological) policy on state channels. Let's listen to Vladimir Putin: "… about the positions of individual members of the press on various problems of our life, of our existence. I would not swear so, because federal channels, and so enough about the abuse of their position. But, as I understand guide channels: their position is to present to the public a different perspective, and the case is the journalists themselves, as the view state. It can express correctly, and you can express unacceptable ways. I very much hope that these people hear us. Your question suggests that you and the people who hold your position and say at least that the presentation of their position is in unacceptable ways. "

What, however, we have a broad, boundless as the very Mother Russia, freedom of presenting points of view! All that is in the will of "the journalists' and their degree of correctness. And even if the "correctness" of some workers is at odds with the traditions of the state, directly harms him, shakes the foundations of society? Such amorphous spineless policy can only bring to mind the chaos first single "human unity", and then the entire state.

The state in this matter by definition can not take the position of an observer, as only it can, and, more than that, only it has the right to form a state ideology. If the state does not, it means that it is not fulfilling one of its main functions. And such a "spineless" state unviable. And confirms that the whole history of modern Russia, which each year is degrading, losing position after position in the modern world, more consolidating the dubious status of a "raw power."

What to do when the state withdraws from performing its direct functions, and on the other the words of Putin, "I very much hope that these people (" all Svanidze Dorenko Posner "- ed.) We hear" you can not decipher. First, "these people" are not heard, they are ground to the program of destruction and clear, according to the schedule prescribed perform their task.


Well, if all this talk about the subversive activities of various creators 'spy' sick fantasy of myths? It is easy to check. Offer them a moratorium on the creation and dissemination of materials that are at odds with traditional Russian spiritual and moral values and faith of their ancestors and the historical traditions of the Russian statehood. If you go back to the main topic of our conversation — to history, we introduce a moratorium on all sorts of fantasy, the more distorting and degrading history of Russia. The new generation is expected to grow with the knowledge that they live in a great country with a great history and is today in the Fatherland difficulties transient. New generation of people will grow spiritually strong, confident, and in his own country — Russia will have a chance for a true revival.

Of course, it is naive to believe that the "spies" all as one would support a moratorium. Rather, the hope still lives that creators Patriots overpower their art crafts "spy", and positive creative mass crumple and completely dissolve a foreign poisonous germs.


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