Japan started to cool the 4th reactor of Fukushima-1

Japanese Self-Defense Forces began the fourth reactor emergency cooling plant "Fukushima-1" using special vehicles equipped with water cannons. This cooling method is applied for the first time on the fourth power plant.
Japanese experts are continuing their efforts to restore power to the nuclear power plant accident. It is expected that electricity from Sunday will be filed on the first and second power units, which provided to restore the cooling system on them.
Last Saturday evening, participants in the operation were able to connect the power cord to the second reactor. Electricity as it is not being served, because experts check the condition of the equipment of the reactor, after which the cooling system can be resumed. On Sunday, plant operator also expects to return electricity to the first reactor and continue to work to restore power to the third and fourth reactors
Fire trucks last night continued to pour water into the pool for spent nuclear fuel rods of the third power, where the situation was still very disturbing. Lack of cooling spent nuclear fuel can melt, which would lead to the creation of a permanent source of radiation. Initially, the operation was designed for 7 hours, but eventually it was extended to 13 hours. Just for this time in the reactor was poured over 2 thousand tons of water.
According to experts, the situation on the third unit has somewhat stabilized. Fewer concerns among experts and the state is the sixth reactor. Once it was possible to restore the cooling system with emergency diesel engines, the temperature in the spent fuel storage pool dropped from 67.5 degrees to 57 degrees, according to ITAR-TASS.
The accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima" on 11 March after an earthquake of magnitude 9.0. At the station out of operation of the cooling system of several reactors, leading to overheating and the release of radiation.


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