John Kennedy paid with his life for his interest in UFOs?


Zahar Radova

A previously unknown letter written by President John F. Kennedy CIA Director for 10 days before his death, a renewed interest in one of the many versions of the assassination of the President, according to which the cause of his death was an interest in aliens. In a letter issued to teacher William Lester, who is writing a book about JFK, the president asked the CIA director to show him a top-secret documents about UFOs.

Of course, a temporary factor may be a coincidence, but it just gave food conspiracy theorists who claim that the 35th president was killed to prevent him to disclose information about the aliens.

According to Lester, communicate this information to JFK is not the American people, and the Soviet Union. Kennedy said the teacher, a very troubled relationship with Moscow. The president feared that many UFOs appearing in the sky over the Soviet Union, the Soviet leaders interpreted as aggression by the United States.


If John Kennedy shared the information with Moscow, he could have said the Soviet leaders that UFOs — it's not American technology and that Washington does not provoke the Soviet Union.

Both documents were shown to William Lester, indirectly supports this theory. In the second letter, written by the head of NASA, President Kennedy writes about the desire to cooperate with the Soviet Union in space exploration.

New documents, according to conspiracy theorists, also reminiscent of the controversial document on which there are traces of fire and who was allegedly sent by someone from the CIA known ufologist Timothy Cooper in 1999, but the authenticity of which has never been confirmed.


In the attached note said that the sender was working for the CIA in the years 1960-74, and that he had saved the document from the fire when the agency was burning some of the documents. The document refers to the Lancer. Under this moniker was listed in John F. Kennedy Secret Service agents.

"As you should know, Ulan interested in our activities — wrote Director of the CIA — that we can not allow that. Please let us know your views no later than October. Your opinion on this issue will play a major role in the continuation of the group. "

The current owner of the document, "having bought it in 2001 at Cooper, said that when JFK started asking questions, the CIA had cleared him.

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