Junk? No, the car! / Wreck Rescue watch online

Junk?  No, the car!  / Wreck Rescue watch online
They are scattered throughout the country. Many of them in poor condition and in need of severe repair. Most of the necessary surgical intervention. Everyone must undergo a full examination and rehabilitation courses, so be on the road again. These famous traditional models can be complete junk, but loving owners want them back.

In this interesting veselitelnoy transfer Mark Evans leaves his workshop and 5 assists amateur mechanic, any of which should complete restoration of the car for 9 months. In each series, focuses on how owner-enthusiast tries to restore or recycle pet project to fulfill his dream — to ride my daughter in a wedding convoy or take part in the traditional race.

1 series

2 series

3 series

4 series

5 series

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