KFK missile tests

German Branch euro missile Association MBDA (MBDA Germany) on October 17 2012 announced a year at the site in Baumholder (Germany) 2-the first successful test launches compact guided missile demonstrator program there by KFK (Kleinflugkorper — small rocket). Both were produced starting September 19 in native mode with the towing launcher.

The program KFK, with MBDA and funded by the German government, to this announcement developed under secrecy about it until now not a lot of that is clear. MBDA reports that on programmke KFK provides for a multi-purpose portable portable compact high-precision missile system designed mostly for operations in urban criteria. Rocket, apparently designed to defeat armored targets as well as gun emplacements, anti-sniper, etc. The complex is to be carried and used by one infantryman. KFK tests will be continued in 2013.

First test launch compact guided missile MBDA KFK. Baumholder, 19.09.2012

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