Kuban doctors murdered child — was vaccinated …

03/21/12 Victor Panasenko two months because of the indifference of doctors bled and died.

In the region of Kuban Clavyanskom medical negligence led to the death of their two. According to parents, Olga and Vitaly Panasenko, it all started with the hepatitis B vaccination, after which the baby's leg was swollen and fever. Doctors diagnosed "post-injection abscess" and sent to hospital Slavic CBR. The doctor who examined the son of Olga, said that surgery is not required, and sent her home, telling make vodka compresses. Olga implement this recommendation a few days, but the baby is crying all the time and hardly slept.

Since the state of the baby deteriorated, Olga referrals to the children's hospital, where she was told that surgery is needed. And once again sent to the surgeon, who prescribed the vodka compresses. In the end, the kid made an incision to left all the "bad blood." After the operation, already in the room, the place was operated continuously with blood, the nurse reluctantly made the dressing, but it did not help — the blood would not stop. Doctor at that time was no longer on the job. Child pale eyes, then began to choke. Olga wanted to call her husband, but the nurse pulled out her phone. She tried to find the resuscitation, but could not. Child of Olga took and carried away somewhere.
According to the documents, the baby died at 16:56, but the mother reported by only 19.00. Olga believes that the two hours doctors are actively writing history.
Family Panasenko will seek punishment of the guilty in the death of a child.

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