Large African rift watch online

Large African rift watch online
Starting from the second half of the 19th century, Africa is constantly at the center of the colonial appetites of European countries. Especially after 1885, the process of colonization Africa acquired such a scale that has received the title of "race for Africa", in fact whole Mainland (excluding ostavashihsya are independent of Ethiopia and Liberia) by 1900 was divided between a number of European powers: Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, its an old colony maintained and expanded some of Spain and Portugal. Lofty world powers in their own separated and kroili Africa, ignoring the interests of the indigenous population. After the second World War rapidly went decolonization of Africa. Year of Africa — the year of the liberation of more colonies — was announced in 1960. But then a number of circumstances in almost all the countries came to power Terai. Incurred as a result of the different modes of disregard for human rights bureaucracy, totalitarianism, which in turn leads to a crisis of the economy and increasing poverty
Now the action on the African continent are always explosive temper. Military action in Egypt again this riveting world's attention to the dilemmas of the African region.
On the past and future Africa reasoning leading politicians and historians in this documentary movie channel Our homeland "Big African rift. "

Modern history

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