LHC would be the first time machine


Leonid Popov

Experiments at the world's largest accelerator can produce elementary particles moving backwards in time. This is the conclusion of the theoretical work, which is quite possible to check in at the Geneva collider experiments.

Although time travel will be possible only for special particles, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of this discovery for physics. For the study, which complied with Chiu Man Ho (Chiu Man Ho) and Thomas Weiler (Thomas J. Weiler) of Vanderbilt University (Vanderbilt University), deserves attention.

Recall one of the main objectives of the LHC (LHC) is the search for the Higgs boson — a hypothetical particle responsible for the existence of matter mass. Some theorists predict that collisions that give birth Higgs bosons will arise at the same time the so-called Higgs singlet. And these particles must have odd properties.

PhysOrg.com reports: "According to the theory, Weiler and Ho, singlet Higgs bosons can jump into an extra, fifth dimension where they can move forward or backward in time to reappear in the future or the past." Check the presence of such particles travelers will be easy: they (or rather — their decay products) appear in the detector before the collision, gave birth to them.

Work Weiler and Ho is based on M-theory, designed to combine the fundamental interactions and thus become a "theory of everything." It requires 10 or 11 dimensions.

In this case, most of the "building blocks" of the universe does not go beyond the usual, we observed measurements, but there are exceptions. One of them may be singlet Higgs bosons. They move in the extra dimensions, from our point of view would look like horse racing in time.


(Details of Weiler and Ho can be found in a university news release and article authors of the theory online preprint arXiv.org.)

Singlet time travel theory, implemented with the particle collisions in the LHC. 1 — Space brane (simplified — "our" world with the usual three spatial and one temporal dimension), 2 — additional dimension folded, 3 — arrow of time, 4 — proton-proton collision, 5 — proton, 6 — singlet Higgs boson (Figure Jenni Ohnstad / Vanderbilt).

Weiler said that the new theory eliminates the paradoxes associated with time travel, because people send to the past in this way is impossible. However, the scientist points out that, if people could control the production of Higgs singlet, they could send messages through time. Are these actions cause a paradox — one more question.

By the way, how nature is able to defend themselves from the contradictions of time travel told by another recent study, in which some aspects of the operation of a time machine were even modeled on the experience.

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