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Legends of underground inhabitants found in various nations. But do these legends real motives? Might actually exist somewhere in the mysterious world of the deep underground? Previously thought about it just lay historians, enthusiasts romantic warehouse. The discoveries made today allow us to study this issue from the scientific standpoint.

Secrets Dungeon Kievan Rus.

The first dungeon in the Kievan Rus appeared before the X century, but it was amateurish compared to the caves of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Officially, many kilometers of underground passages, cells, tombs and churches were established as an underground monastery. According to the modern Kiev archaeologist and art historian Julia Lifshitz, caves emerged as the monastery cemetery. Dead monk — a cave dug further, made a cell-tomb, put it in the holy relics and hidden shovel to death following the elder monk. A little later, dug-built in the same place and the underground church: put the Orthodox canons and the church for the funerals at the cemetery have. But this version not officially welcome. It deprives the Slavs of the mystery, which seems to justify the necessity of the Slavs (especially the South) go to specific historical path. Europeans built fortresses and castles, and our ancestors — caves and catacombs.

Despite the fact that the caves of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra of Holy Dormition studied, they hold many secrets. Some corridors are not used for a long time because of landslides. This applies particularly to the Far Caves, all outputs are in the side of the Dnieper long abandoned and in 1930 bricked and tightly cemented … Today Caves Monastery has 73 tombs of the relics in the future — 51. In addition, there are 32 chapters myrrh-streaming. These Orthodox shrines — an object of worship of tens of thousands of pilgrims who visit the monastery's dungeon.

Keep many secrets and dungeons of the Urals.

"… Divya people live in the Ural Mountains, the outputs are in the world through the caves. Culture they have the greatest …" — So even in the 20's of the XX century, talked about the underground inhabitants of the Urals. A local old-timers and today tell a thousand stories about the underground people. Some of them will be featured eyed and nezhnogolosye dwarfs other — tall and beautiful people, and in others — even heroes. But all of them, so different, are called the same name — Chud. Russian historians have long debated about this mysterious people, mentioned in the Laurentian Chronicle (1377), but a consensus has not yet arrived.

Home Ural legends put explorers and the first Russian immigrants who heard wafting out of the ground and the sound of voices striking of metal on stone: that Chud extract precious stones and metals. Wealth, allegedly collected chudyu over the centuries, not one hundred years haunted treasure hunters. But all attempts to penetrate the mystery of underground inhabitants fail. And many treasure hunters just do not come back, in sginuv labyrinth of mysterious caves. In general, storage rooms with precious stones and gold are not found, but in the depths of the mountains were discovered ancient mines, and in them — real masterpieces of metal production. And then gives way to the reality of a fairy tale — though even more mysterious.
The fact that almost all ore deposits discovered in the Ural Mountains, were marked with special signs. At the time, Nikita Des midovich Antufiev — the founder breeders Demidov — looking for these tags and solely determined by the place for them to build steel plants. In our time looking for another field, but the explored areas, usually rbnaruzhivayutsya marks left chudyu …
It turns out, not a fairy tale, was still Chud? There was, yes missing: traces of it in the 1940s, still visible in Perm, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions, led to the Altai, but that is where they are lost for good.

Folk legends offer two versions of the disappearance of the underground people. First — the protests samopogrebenie whole nation:
"… Fearing Russian, Chud bury alive." Second — his passing "secret underground" in an unknown country. "Do not ever gone Chud. Happy time when you get back, and people will come from Belovodye (Russian equivalent of Shambhala. — Ed.), And give the people of great science, then come Chud all mined treasures." That is, in fact, this version assumes the existence of Peipsi underground civilization in our time. Believe it, it seems quite impossible …

Legends of the present day.

Meanwhile, the most reputable Peruvian archaeologists today have no doubt of the existence of an underground empire: not yet been studied, it is, in their judgment, extends under the seas and continents. And over the entrances to this great dungeon in different parts of the world there was old buildings, for example, in Peru, Cusco is a city … Of course, the opinion of Peruvian professionals is not shared by all scientists. And yet, in favor of the underworld Many facts, indirectly proving its existence. Most productivity on such evidence were 1970.
England. Miners digging an underground tunnel, they heard the sounds of the working mechanisms, drifting somewhere below. Breaking through the course, they found a ladder leading to the underground well. Sound working machinery increased, but because workers were frightened and ran away. Returning after a while, they did not find any entry in the well, or ladder.
USA. Anthropologist James McKay and his colleagues explored the cave in Idaho, enjoys notoriety among the indigenous population. Local residents believe if there is an entrance to the underworld. Scientists poring over the dungeon, distinctly heard the cries and groans, and then found a human skeleton. Further examination of the cave had to be stopped because of the increasing smell of sulfur.

Under the Black Sea town of Gelendzhik bottomless pit was found about five feet in diameter with a surprisingly smooth edges. Specialists in one voice say: it was created by an unknown people, and technology has been around for hundreds of years.
Speaking of the underground world, we can not ignore the legends that have appeared in our time. For example, modern Indians living in the mountainous regions of California, say that with Shasta sometimes come very high golden people: once they came down from heaven, but could not adjust to life on the earth's surface. Now they live in a secret city, which is located inside an extinct volcano. And get into it only through the mountain caves. By the way, the Indians totally agree Andrew Thomas — author of Shambhala. Researchers believe if in Mount Shasta has tunnels, going in the direction of New Mexico and into South America.
Another underground people "discovered" cave explorers: they believe that the deep caves around the world inhabit troglodytes. They say that these cave dwellers sometimes appear before the people, help those in need who are respectful of their world, and punish those who defile the cave …

To believe or not to believe?

To believe or not to believe all those stories? Any sane person will say, "I do not believe it!" But it is not so simple. Try to think logically. Let's think about how real life is full of man under the ground? Can there be an unknown culture or civilization around us — or rather, for us, — managing to restrict contact with the surface of humanity to a minimum? Undetected? Is this possible? Contradict such "living" common sense?
In principle, a person may be under, and is pretty good — would be money enough to remember the house-hopper, the construction of which is currently in Tom Cruise: megastar plans to hide in his underground home from aliens who, in his opinion, will soon have to attack our ground. In less "illuminated", but no less thorough city-hoppers "favorites" are prepared in the event of nuclear war, nuclear winter and wait out posleradiatsionny period, and this period in which will recover a generation! Moreover, in China and Spain today, many thousands of people do not live in houses, and in the well-appointed cave with all amenities. However, these cave dwellers continue to actively communicate with the outside world and take part in the terrestrial life. But the inhabitants scattered throughout the world of cave monasteries — like the Greek Meteora — have always been almost completely cut off from the hectic life. According to the degree of isolation, which lasts for centuries, their existence can be considered underground.
But perhaps the most striking example of adaptation of a large number of people (more than that — an entire civilization!) To "lower" the world is an underground city Derinkuyyu.

Discovery of the century.

Derinkuyyu, which translated means "deep wells", takes its name from a small Turkish village, now above it. On the appointment of the strangest wells for a long time no one thought, until in 1963 a local resident, was found in his basement strange gap, which pulled out of the fresh air, has shown a healthy curiosity. The result was found multilevel underground city, numerous rooms and galleries are connected to each other transitions, length of tens of kilometers, were carved in the rocks …
Already during the excavation of the upper tiers Derinkuyyu became clear that this discovery century. In the underground city they found artifacts Hittites, great people, compete with Egypt for supremacy in Asia. Hittite kingdom, founded in the XVIII century BC. e., in the XII century BC. e. sunk into oblivion. So find a Hittite city became a sensation. Moreover, it was found that a giant underground city — only part of the huge labyrinth beneath the Anatolian plateau. The researchers concluded that underground construction was at least for nine (!) Centuries. And it was not just earthworks, albeit enormous amount. Ancient architects An underground empire of the life support system, the perfection of which is striking today. Everything here is thought over to trifles: animal houses, warehouses for food, rooms for cooking and eating, for sleeping, for meetings … In this case, had not been forgotten religious temples and schools. Precisely calculated lock to allow easy entry door to block granite underground. A ventilation system, provided the city with fresh air, continues to operate smoothly so far!

In the presence of provisions in the underground city to live together indefinitely to two hundred thousand people. Replenishment of food stocks could be solved a number of ways: from the internal production to use "intermediary services". Apparently, a single scheme of all time did not exist.
But in the legends of different nations underground inhabitants provide food barter, secret fishing or even theft. The latter option, however, is only suitable for small underground communities: Derinkuyyu could hardly feed themselves in this way. By the way, most likely, production of food and was the reason that the inhabitants of the land having second thoughts about the existence of "Children Underground" …

Traces of the Hittites, who lived under the ground, can be traced to the Middle Ages, and then lost. Developed in secret underground civilization has managed to survive for almost two thousand years, and after his disappearance, even thousands of years, did not open terrestrial world. And only this one startling fact to reach a clear conclusion: yes, live underground in secret from the people still can!

Always 27.

Derinkuyyu — not only underground city found in Turkey. At 300 km south-east of Ankara Turkish archaeologists have unearthed another, the creation of which belongs to the VII century BC. e. Now it is called by the name of the nearby village — kaymakli. At its seven floors, going deep into the earth, are one-bedroom "apartment" with compartments for food and food storage. Baths — smooth grooves in the stone — were arranged to be filled with water from underground sources. And at any time of the year because of precisely calculated system vents in rooms maintain a constant temperature 2 C.

Waiting for answers.

Which induced the ancient people with a highly developed culture and knowledge, go to the dungeon? Natural disasters? Enemies? Fear and the desire to protect their culture from aggressive outside world? Quite possibly, the answers to these questions, we'll find out in the near future, when they are known to the latest results of archaeological expeditions being conducted in various parts of the world.
One of the most promising research currently underway in Ukraine. Tripilska civilization (the name — from the village of Tripoli, near Kiev) — many ancient and Sumer, and ancient Egypt, and Babylon. According to scientists, this is the highly developed culture that existed in the IV-III millennium BC. e. invented the wheel and the solar calendar. Tripoli end of civilization, as mysterious as the birth of a long time gave food for a variety of hypotheses. Among the suggestions was this: Trypillians gone to live under the ground. "But until recently, historians have preferred this fantastic version of the idea of resettlement Trypillian to the south and west. But the sensational results of archaeological excavations in the Ternopil region of Ukraine confirmed that people are not only gone underground, but for a long time there were active business. were detected as five underground settlements, which are currently exploring and scientists.

Under study are now in the Gobi and caves. Because of its remoteness — and caves are located on the so-called "forbidden territory" associated with Shambhala, home to the highest Initiates — Gobi dungeon virtually unexplored. Besides, most of the information about them is mystical hue: a mysterious halo effect areas. However, beginning in 1988, the Institute of Geography of Mongolia was systematically sent to the Gobi their cave expedition with a view to a comprehensive study. And let us hope that the result of the work of scientists will open that will answer the question: is there a connection between the caves and the Gobi Shambhala, which gave rise to one of the legends of the most attractive of humanity?

Have amazing vitality and legends about the existence of underground cities in the jungles of South America. Even the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro in his reports to the Spanish King reported that he found the entrances to the tunnels, located on the holy mountain of the Incas Guaskarane. Pizarro was able to examine them whether and, generally, what happened, history is silent. But in 1991, in the area of the river Rio Sinzhu Peruvian group of cavers also found a system of underground caves, which were attended by the traces of human activity. So, one of them was equipped with a rotating stone slab on the balls. The mechanism for closing the entrance to create only enlightened people. Behind the door was drawn many kilometers tunnel. Although several expeditions have visited there has not yet managed to find out where he is, there is hope that this mystery will be solved …

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