Love your enemies with your. Dissembling the Bible?

Sergei Fetisov: In this small article I would like to offer you, dear reader, to reflect on the one known commandment. And then answer honestly to yourself, without religious and feigned — is not there guile? And so …

"But I tell you: Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and the unjust . For if ye love them which love you, what reward have you? Do not like the tax collectors do? And if you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing? Do not just come and Gentiles? Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven. " (From Matt. 5: 44-48).

Every word is ready to sign! It sounds noble and beautiful … at first glance … and on paper. But life is much more complicated and not always what is written, you can (those who built socialism-communism in the Soviet Union are well aware). Such utopian mankind knows many, and those who preach this commandment, for some reason do not just neglect it. History of the church to striking confirmation! Suffice it to recall the Inquisition — only in the Middle Ages, under the guise of fighting witches were killed 8 million (!) Women! What has the best, knowledgeable and able to think! You may recall that all of the most bloody and terrible war that knows humanity started … Christian country! Such a strange "love" for his enemies asserted by fire and sword. And a particular dislike "bearing love" felt for those who carried the people of knowledge — Copernicus, Galileo, Giordano Bruno, the list can be infinitely long … emphasizes that this is not fiction! These facts are well-known stories today!

Small digression. All attributed to Christ virtuous commandments were known to mankind long before. Many come prophets spoke about them. For example, Zarathustra (Zoroaster). If you take into account the message Pahlavi chronicle that Zaraustra lived "258 years to Iskandar," ie, Alexander the Great, while the activities of the prophet Zoroaster falls on the VII — VI century. BC. e. Zarathustra was also illuminated by an unearthly light of truth (the Holy Spirit in Christianity) and also according to the concept of Zoroastrianism, must appear in a new incarnation three thousand years after his first events in the world, this time as saoshayanta — the savior of the world. And there are the saviors of world history is replete. But now is not it!

For thousands of years before Christ, Zoroaster urged to follow the good and reject evil. And preached to them the commandment "Love your neighbor as yourself" was clear and logical — who wants to live in a harmonious world should respect his neighbor, fellow citizens, and all people on earth, following the same commandments. Since then has been known and other commandment: "Who does not struggle with evil, that it multiplies." And it is also clear. If evil is not stopped, to go unpunished, it is like a snowball will gradually increase. If you do not stop the evil man, boor he might think that all he is allowed, and the people he has hurt so … confused at his feet — are to blame. If evil is not stopped — born chaos.
Now, about "love your enemies …" Zarathustra said nothing. This is attributed to Christ, as a step towards human perfection. And in this we are told. Sounds again, beautiful and noble. But, in my opinion, this is one of the sleight of the Bible, for as has been said above, contrary to the essence, the human psyche. Mother Nature can not be fooled — a sense of self-preservation is one of the strongest feelings of any living creature. Protect yourself and your offspring from danger, protection of its territory constitutes the primary reflexes. One may argue that the final reflex impulses only affects animals and man "created in the image and likeness" to be above it all. A person should love their enemies, and yet at the same time substitute an enemy (if he wants to hit yet) the other cheek (can one also say thank you to the enemy? But nothing of this is written). And it teaches us, as no rebuttable dogma. But let's try to understand — the enemy of the enemy can be divisive?

Example number 1: From your garden man stole a few apples. You can forgive such a man? Well, why not — confused people in our mistakes, we must help him get rid of the blemish, and you can even pray for his sinful soul. As is known, respectable Christian cares not only about the salvation of his soul, but also of other souls. Another conversation that him about it … no one asks!

Example number 2: You cheated on a very large amount of money, throwing you and your children a lot of debts! Presented? No, you imagine well — cheated on a very large sum! Or deprived of housing, making you a bum … Connect the power to your imagination! Is frightening. Is not it?

Now, with the same power of his imagination, imagine yourself in the place of relatives of people who died in various wars: World War, Afghanistan, Chechnya … Imagine yourself to be the relatives of the victims of September 11, the "Nord-Ost" (incidentally, the official version of the incident — the religious fanaticism ). Remember the dead children of Beslan, the atomic bombing of Japanese cities — the Japanese, so far (!) Bury their fellow citizens! Ask them about the love of one's enemies. That they will answer? Just ask and be sure no cameras present relatives (!), Who lost their children, fathers, mothers … They will, in the kitchen, stylish answer that they would like to do with their enemies.
By the way, our ancestors also you are not telling the whole story, and when trouble came, well done old commandment: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" and rivet in the Second World War, the Germans, so much so that many of them are afraid to go to Russia as travel so far! Love fascism, the evil of our fathers did not work! Beautiful, but a fictional command did not work — triggered internal reflection — for their families, for themselves, for their country!

And take a Christian America — despite that "Popovski" industry in this country is part of a greater number of people, where the president, taking the oath swears on the Bible, is well aware that to love your enemies is dangerous! They are so honest and say, "finds itself to us, interfere with our plans — get a kick in the teeth! So what if it does not agree with the commandment: "Love your enemies." The teeth and all! For being honest. Without guile. Therefore, with the United States to not talk about it, everyone has to be! Not be considered only from lohami, homeless and Ivan, not remembering their relationship.
Yes! Please note that on the National (?!) Interest on the National (?!) Security in America today speak more than anywhere else. Although the Americans — not the nation (immigrants, seekers of happiness from all over the world), they are well aware of the power of a single nation? This is, unfortunately, not all understood in Russia. So I want to remind the Russian fairy tale about trusting a rabbit-sucker and a cunning fox. Let me remind you, in a nutshell, the plot of this tale: the hare-worker soundly built a wooden hut, a fox flirt too lazy and made myself a makeshift ice. Spring has arrived and cottage fox melted. Hare, taking pity, let the fox to live in his house. Fox poobvyklas, warmed up and … trusting bunny kicked out. Zayats-tramp sat down under a bush and wept bitterly. Knows how to finish his destiny, if not the cock, who knew wise Cohn: "He who does not struggle with evil, that it multiplies." And Fox slapped on the first number, cheat barely took his feet. Justice is done only through the actions of a cock. Tale is not a lie, and good fellow — Lesson!

If you follow the advice of utopian Bible: love your enemies — let's open prison — they languish thousands of murderers, rapists. Imagine, in which "loving" society we'll live? But life is not paper, it shows us the reality, without dogma and demagogues, and so it is impossible that the company, subject to its primary reflexes are protected from violence, still forced to have such facilities.

Again recall option number 1 and number 2. In the first case, the person has not passed the last line in the second, the enemies were beasts. A furious beast not vozlyublyayut — with him fight and kill.

Now you answer honestly, and above all to themselves, not to Start a religious demagoguery, such as: "This is the spiritual struggle of man — to be able to love your enemy as Jesus loved his enemies while on the cross." What thought Jesus being on the cross knew only Jesus himself (if he still was a historical person). If you are still tempted by this, imagine yourself then once again in the place of the person flying the plane for 10 seconds before the explosion by a terrorist or at the office shopping center in New York City for 10 seconds before the destruction of the towers, which is waving a white cloth to be rescued. Or imagine yourself in the place of someone who has jumped out of despair with 80 floors and flies to the ground (do not think he would have loved his enemies.) Imagine yourself in the place of another man got to play the "Nord-Ost" in 10 seconds to capture the terrorists. These people are no more! So, it is better to put yourself in the place of their relatives who still live with unbearable pain for their loved ones. The thing is that they like to close still more than their enemies. And it is well!

Now you, dear reader, left alone with his conscience, to reflect on what has been said above, please answer honestly to yourself: Does the Bible slyly when advised to love your enemies? Is not there a trick? Just do not lukavte themselves to themselves. What say you to your inner voice?

"Who does not struggle with evil, that it multiplies." The ancient adage.


This story has a sequel. After writing this note, I decided to put it on the portal in the "Answers", in the category of "philosophy. Unknown. Faith and religion "in order to know the opinion of people who believe. The entire article was not fit, and I decided to limit ourselves to the question: "Does the Bible evil one?" And phrases from it: "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you." (From Matt. 5: 44), after which he gave a link to a note. I had little hope that people will read all of it — and did it! Admittedly, judging by the responses of Christians in the "response" more than people of other faiths. Therefore, seeing the familiar phrase, many answered, without thinking of the scheme. I will not weary the reader with all the answers, I will give the most characteristic and the most loving (ie, no insults). As the author notes that the right to leave the small comments.

* Anton Maximov

Read once. I can say that the one who commanded to love their enemies, Jesus Christ, he gave his life, and for them, too. So where is the deceit? When above the crucified Christ mocked, He asked the Father to forgive them, "for they know not what they do."

S. Fetisov: Dear, Anton Maximov, if the time to read, but the Bible you do not, and think, present in full heart of the problem is impossible. In the Bible, as I have written, beautifully written, and, at first glance, is noble, but this is not considered thin Newns human psyche. The legend and the life — not the same! Should not need to be confused! It is best to explain to you relatives of the dead people in the play "Nord-Ost".

* Natalia labor (Koval)

When you pray for a man who believes his enemy — changing your attitude towards this man, he was not a stranger, not your enemy, you radeete him with all my heart, to experience. That is true for you this man — his work, his right, his choice, for he himself will answer. But the important thing is that you remain in peace in the heart, with a pure mind and do not wish anyone harm.

S. Fetisov: Beautiful reasoning … I myself would be happy to think so. And I thought, you know. Until you realize all the wickedness of these words. Well, in any way, after the events of "Nord-Ost", September 11, now I can not agree with your words, "he was not a stranger, not your enemy, you radeete him with all my heart, to experience." Deceit, demagoguery all. I do not want to be deceived. Believe me, the Beslan mothers who lost their children on my side!

* Heartless

Thus, he wanted to say that the one who loves his enemy, that faith is real, because it is easy to love those who love you, there's no problem for you, and God is not praise. As for the terrorists, Jesus calls to love our enemies, but does not call a blind eye to their doings. On the contrary, it encourages them to expose. As Jesus loved the Pharisees, but always tell them what they are.

Sergei Fetisov: Bible, pressing on pity, referring to the good hearts of people all the time, points out: "who loved his enemy, in the faith of the present" and a person genuinely wants to have that belief. And yet, I would like to ask the Heartless how he knew that Jesus loved the Pharisees, because in the Bible about this, like many other things, is not written anywhere! Apparently, just Jesus knew that fine words on paper, and life is not the same! When he saw evil villains threw merchants from the temple. So Jesus went to the commandment: "He who does not struggle with evil, that it multiplies."

* Rina

Nothing is accidental. The aircraft with terrorists simply because no one gets on. Hence, their journey ends on this earth, as it were cruel and cynical as it may sound. Think there should be other categories at all.

S. Fetisov: This is what the categories are necessary to think? No, of course, and you can philosophize, but question was about something else. Love a terrorist planted a bomb, relatives of the dead? And where God looks, which, as we are told, is the love? On the plane, it is, fly and children, boys and girls, and to sin which is not really have time! Is it possible that a loving God had no other way, less terrible and dreadful to terminate their earthly life? Or Almighty (!) God certainly had to resort to terrorist hands?

* Skiff World

Who told you that you need to deal with Christianity? Exactions better with Islam, that the Prophet did not there in your spoken or Hindus reach for …

S. Fetisov: Is seeking truth and man's desire to understand it is a struggle with Christianity? Why should we then did God conscious beings? Would have made all at once programmed robots that would operate on mortgaged program. And, no question. But I have them! And one of the most important: is it possible to be considered for the truth of religion in the last resort? The last question is particularly important, especially if you do not confuse spirituality and religion!

Here are the answers. I realized that the people who answer my question, answer programmed lightly. And to hear at least some reasonable answer, I decided to repeat his question, but he added to it just one sentence: can be "lovers" enemies of the terrorists of September 11, the "Nord-Ost", Beslan … And if my first attempt answer came in a minute (because they were not deliberate), then the second time I waited for an answer for almost ten minutes! Seen people this time to think about, it is not so simple as someone wrote: neo inkognito.

* Neo inkognito

easy story told, but it is difficult to do the work, it was smooth on paper, but they forgot about the ravines …

S. Fetisov: That's the thing — the ravines … With this, I absolutely agree.

And though there were already familiar, "The Lord is patient and told us to," "This is the height of the human soul …" began to appear, and such clear answers, "the evil one!".

Finally. I know how some religious people are puzzled that someone questioned the truthfulness of the Bible and goes to talk about it. Also know what words usually with name-calling. Do not get me wrong — I'm just exercising his right, which I (supposedly) provides our constitution (like a) democratic country. If I somehow hurt your religious feelings — I beg your pardon, — we assume that through me the Lord tests the strength of your faith. After all, someone has to, and do it. And then the Lord knows how much you believe in him and love your enemies? So do not scold your neighbor … (that's me) and say thank you, and love the (r). And all the best to you!

© Copyright: Sergei Fetisov, 2010

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