Lukashenko held the first presidential election after the press conference

Lukashenko speaks at the Palace of the Republic. Present members of the House of Representatives, members of the government. On the first series of pushes students BATU. On the wall is a poster on which is written diagonally across the word "Belarus". The letter "L" — Lukashenko, at "A" — Alexander, on the "P" — G.. IS UPDATED

Opposition will not offer anything. Let them go to the proposals. We need to bring to show. If there is something good, take it. If there is a useful suggestion, hang clip, drag.

I look at journalists and know who is thinking about. Adarvtsesya of Lukashenko, the dictator and pay attention to our people.

I commanded Borodin, who in Minsk, speaking ill of Russia, because otherwise I will get out sideways. Russia — our elder brother. Worse than we had with Russia, will be gone. If we create incredible future conditions, I always agree: it is — your goods. But Russia must not hinder us to look for alternatives. We will have a very good relationship with Raesyay.

Lukashenko said that Nyaklyayeu is in a detention center.

In this election, at the request Kohli has voted for himself for the first time. I used to vote in any election for neraskruchenny person. And then the kid asked.

Dmitry Pankovets with "Nasha Niva" asked the question — is it possible to compare the events on Independence Square on December 19 with the burning of the Reichstag.

Lukashenko: Fortunately, nothing caught on fire. Let me tell you what happened. Alternative candidates themselves said — "we are ashamed." Neklyaeva chief of staff told the truth. At 7 pm a few cars. I received a call from the mother — save the child, left home and took a thermos thermos in explosives. After a while we found this guy. No explosives were not there. They just went from provocative mass emissions of about knives, explosives and so on. But who could tell where provocation, which is not a provocation. At 7 received information that Nyamiha in cars is something that should not be. They came — submit your cars for inspection. Police patrol was rolled up, there were 64 people, it's reinforcement. And what was there in the cars? We'll show it to everyone.

Thanks to this guy, the chief of staff, who told the whole truth. Next I feel ashamed to tell. Nekljaev went to the hospital. I call the Minister of Health, he says, okay, scratch. Nekljaev rushes to the area, because without him there to share power. Events in the area are over, and the minister said that Nekljaev does not want to leave the hospital. And he wants to lie down there. And here and Rymashevski, shouting "given to the head." So you're a man, well made, but so what, I watched the Russian media, I thought that he died there, but look — alive. Which president are you if you in the face distances, and are you crying out to the world?

The second. Did you know that the square was going to happen in reality. I have instructed Pavel Yakubovich to publish all, including the position of some diplomats. Nekljaev promised the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, that the area is peaceful. But the goal area was different. Unwind and then go to the parliamentary elections. And in the Square, they had to decide who will be the leader instead Milinkevich opposition. But this learned Sannikov. But his "Mummy" found Rymashevski man with pavernutay tower, was furious. He said, I will not let this pro-Russian seize power. And the area was to decide who tomorrow will become the leader of the opposition. I said to remove all the posts near the residence. And they decided "not to go to the residence, so will not find it." And rightly so. I see it all, and tell the minister — "do not touch". Rubicon will go — get it. And the police dispersed them very gently.

I warned you — "you guys are not so contacted, I will not hide." So let's get this done, more senseless democracy, stupid democracy in our country will not "

How to solve such issues, we will show you an example Bebenina. If you want to make the power of guilt. But the government did not know about it … The first time I heard of him, when there was a message of death. Why do not you want to put on the wall of those who met with him and the last minute? Why is one of the figures, which he was carrying 200,000, is silent now? They are very afraid of these issues, as we define them. We're just waiting for the end of the election mayhem.

For every written word you will be responsible.

Now we are very democratic, as is common in the west and the east … There the court. Go out there and prove it.

I have arranged to publish All news about European partners. Publish the documents that must be stored on the "classified".

We are reforming the internet. We we bring it up to western standards. We have not touched it before the election.

We give you complete freedom. But you will be responsible for this.

If your version are abroad, we will put the claim to the countries.

No missing my opponent was not. If you reproach me that the television operator was gone, which I opponent this? This is a good man. This is my pain.

About the Church of St. Joseph"I did not just take — it's true … Cardinal Bertone and no claim shall lie "

"Today's the conclusion of the OSCE progressive compared to what it was. But it absolutely does not correspond to what was in the election.

We will not roach, crawling, persuade and beg — the relationship with the EU. "

On vytsechki WikiLeaks

"What the president can speak foreign minister of another country, if they are completely different weight classes? And it says that I have 40 minutes of talking to him.

Or write that Lukashenko $ 9 billion. Find it and take yourself. People know that even a million is now impossible to hide, so that no one knew. Even in Russia, if the President wanted to steal so much, he could not have. A lot can only steal from the privatization! After all, there is value priced "from the bulldozer." Which was a lie. I have never cheated on his people. I just prynasili his people into this piggy bank. And the first billion when I crawled on his knees for Yeltsin that he us his list. I am all the billions paid for all their activities for centuries.

I can not go through when I'm accused me of something someone else has taken. I have not pluck the fruit, although I had a lot of temptations. I've been able to become millionaires. And I will sacrifice all that I have, for the sake of his people."

"We have no one in jail not tire out, if he does not get there. Some peeps are falling. "

"They will all be in prison under the law."

"They wanted pictures. They got it. Which to me claim? "

"For this, it took 7.5 minutes. We have all been warned .. men, not naryvaytsesya! Weep not. Strictly according to the law demand from those who brawled, organize, who is now in hiding. We'll find them. "

"That I did not defend their country … things might have gone differently in the country. I know where this could lead. "

"What does the OSCE to what happened last night? The elections are over. Why write about it in prison (OSCE), the election is over? "

"Sometimes some missions tend to forget that they came to watch, rather than command"

"Special thanks to all of the CEC a
nd the commission, withstood the pressure from our well-wishers'

"Paravaahovnyya authorities demolished tserpiliva outrage swells until it went pogroms."

"The fact that they tried to do yesterday — it's not a democracy and banditry."

"Pravahovniki acted within the law. They protected the country from barbarism. "

"Militant groups and their leaders pratrebaya an excuse to justify the beating."

"We have the knowledge about the readiness of the opposition to the provocations. Were reported attempts to bribe the leaders commissions. Offered 50,000 dollars. "

"Akrytasts and transparency was such that people were confused: whether an election, or a reality show."

"For the call for the area — and it was the main keynote addresses by candidates … for it was necessary to immediately withdraw from the election. "

Lukashenko began with a critique of the work of international observers, "By and large, it is difficult to say what we did not, the elections meet certain global standards."

In the address international nazialnikav: "We have done as you requested — which claims to us?"

"For opponents — the bad news: as less than 5 years old will have to deal with the current president."

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