Lukashenko made the opposition virtually invisible

On the pages of this online publication of the Baltic Delfi writes Latvian journalist Aris Yansans.

As the author, who recently visited Belarus in a group of journalists EU, defeating incumbent president is no doubt that his rivals — opposition candidates, the majority of voters do not differ from the first second or third, not to mention the sixth or ninth. Lukashenko opposition made virtually invisible both inside the country and abroad. Two times in half an hour on radio and television

On Aris Yansansa, during the trip he and his colleagues "have met with the candidates for president. pair of contenders for the two to meet us and have not come …

Applicants sometimes diametrically opposed views on geopolitics. Some want to see Belarus as a full-fledged part of Europe, the other — both hands on the strategic partnership with Russia. West did not wait a single opposition or alternative candidate. A nine candidates are surprised that the West does not give money, and he fell to the parties of interest "

IPad for the only one who recognizes that Lukashenko's opponents are playing the role of extras. But this conclusion does not change anything — as well as the call of the poet Neklyaeva everyone out of the election campaign. Is it even in the summer it was not clear that a record number of alternative candidates crushes protest vote? "

"Belarusians want to see as president of human action, not talk lover, continues Latvian journalist. People who do the same with the President of the psychological and cultural level, and that instead of" suspicious "Western values, prefer stability, do not lend themselves to campaign."

Aris Yansans concludes that "after the election one of three possible scenarios: the opposition displays weight in the street (in the case of the brutal falcyfikatsy) government and the opposition sit down at the negotiating table; vote legitimizes the rule of Lukashenko. Attempts to bring people to the streets because the proposal does not meet the expectations of the minority of the majority, by least irresponsible. "

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