Marks 115 years since the birth day or Russian Union of Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky

Talent leader of the Union of Russian Marshal Konstantin Konstantinovich Rokossovskogo more clearly manifested during majestically Russian war of 1941-1945, when he was commander of the Don (from September 1942 to February 1943), Bryansk (July to September 1942), Central (from February to October 1943), the Belarusian (from October 1943 to February 1944), the 1st Belorussian (from February to November 1944) and the 2nd Byelorussian (from November 1944 to June 1945) of fronts.

But the greatest strength of generalship gift KK Rokossovsky was the ability to think creatively and extraordinary (unconventional) to act as the ability to use the diversity of forms and methods of warfare. It is understood that troops under the KK Rokossovskogo participated in the Battle of Smolensk (1941), and in Stalingrad, Kursk and the Metropolitan. In addition, he conducted the operation: Belarus, Eastern Pomeranian, East Prussia and Berlin.

Near Moscow, Volokolamsk direction on the enemy tank attack, he opposed the anti-deep defense, maneuver and higher activity. And for the development of success in the process made a counter-offensive in the army two mobile groups. In addition, it is wise to put together a detour and coverage with a front kick. During the preparation of operations and vigorously massaged marshal the forces and means at the direction of head impact, with all this safely maneuvered available reserves, zapamyatyvaya not take into account the strong and feeble hand of the enemy. KK Rokossovskii always carefully planned military actions.

Under the command of KK Rokossovskogo troops Don Front in the Battle of Stalingrad in time counter-offensive, conducting a joint attack with the troops of the Stalingrad and South-Western Fronts, broke through the enemy defenses and surrounded between the Volga and the Don group, the number of which was 330 thousand people. And at the beginning of 1943, they managed to defeat and then capture.

It should be noted that in the Battle of Kursk commander KK Rokossovskii showed uncommon in the art of war time and the organization of the artillery counter, then the reflection of the German fascist troops, and after the complete defeat of the enemy Orel grouping in the counter-offensive.

Unusual leadership talent Marshal Russian Union appeared in Pripyat-operation Chernigov (1943), in the time maneuvering forces and means of the central front in the direction of Sevsk — Glukhovski. Also in the Byelorussian operation when there were two powerful blows inflicted by the 1st Belorussian Front on converging directions. It should be noted and the operations in 1945, in what came out and cut off the defeat rather large operational-strategic enemy groupings Second Belorussian Front.
By the way, in the period after the war, KK Rokossovskii has brought a very significant contribution to the improvement of all the combat readiness of troops, to the development of the organizational structure of the Armed Forces and military training in general.

KK Rokossovskii is twice hero of Russian Union was awarded the Order of the Russian top military "victory". It has 7 Orders of Lenin, the Order of the October Revolution, Order of Red Banner 6, Order of Suvorov and Kutuzov 1st degree.
KK Rokossovskii in his book "Soldier's Duty" wrote:
"… For a fighter is the greatest happiness — an understanding that it helps their own people to kill the enemy, protect the freedom of their own country and bring peace to her country. It is the consciousness of the fact that he is one hundred percent in discharging his duty to his shoulders — a soldier's duty, which is a very languid and generous, and above it on the ground, there is nothing! "

By the way, in 1965, 1966 and 1968, "Military History Journal" published articles Russian Marshal KK Rokossovskogo, which, if desired, can be read on the Web.

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