Material wealth in Feng Shui depends on water


The role of the bathroom in a person's life is very high, in fact, according to feng shui, water has a huge impact on the financial well-being. Monitor the condition of the bathroom in the apartment to particularly strict. Under no circumstances should there be leaking faucet or pipe, change the pads on time, or call locksmiths. After all, with the leaked water out of your home and the money will flow away, which means that your well-being will deteriorate.

It is not necessary to turn the shelf in the bathroom in the exhibition catalog of the field of body care and hair care. At the hardware store you can buy special lockers with mirrored doors. Remove the back hair gels, body lotions, bubble bath, and similar items. Next to the crane can leave a vial with liquid soap, toothbrush and tumbler. And next you have to hang a towel, which also need to keep in absolute purity.

By the way, in the bathroom there should be no other foreign objects, such as the basket of dirty laundry. Shopping is better to install in a dark corner of another room, even better — the door. In the bathroom, you can put the washing machine, but it is recommended to dry clothes on the balcony.

Finally, a few words about the choice of the bath itself. In the vast majority of model homes it is usually a strict elongated rectangular shape. If the bathroom space allows, buy a semi-circular or oval bath. It's one of the main symbols of wealth in Feng Shui.

The recommended color for the bath is all white and light shades. Dark colors for this room categorically do not fit!

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