Member of the meeting: We are not prepared to fight

Basil: "The organization would certainly be better if Neklyaeva advance is not brought out of the series. Prost beat!

They, perhaps, was the idea that we began to storm the Government House. And we did not go there. Nobody is going to take. Then started here these provocateurs, who then pull someone (on TV), then pull the boards. This — the usual basis. People saw through them right away that this is — provocateurs. And they immediately fled. And the police immediately went to which the same provocateurs undertaken a fight.

Then everything went according to the script of the authorities. Army launched — besieged, launched a riot. The last and began to push, push us to the area. The former at the podium, surrounded. It was evident that they were beaten.

We are not prepared to fight. No twigs whipping glasses was nothing like that. Even a good stick was not. Telescopic fishing rod was only for the flags. Anything else that shows it pours, piled, as they say.

If we were just starting out, there would not have escaped no one. "

When asked why people went to Independence Square, Mr Basil said,

"Come on, actually, because it supposedly came from the candidates. Gome, the CEC will state that this is not an election that all this is illegal.

Revealed Worldwide, that of democracy in the country and can not speak. There is no democracy when it is possible for people to send their army, riot police beat up and not one, but even a few presidential candidates. Obviously, he will not give up power, this government privatized. We have the power, as it were privatized one person. But I think that the people will wake up sooner or later — and everything will fall into its place. "

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