Mental flight became a reality


…With a device which interprets the electrical signals of the human brain.

System Infinity Simulator («Infinity Simulator"), proposed by designer Yehuda Dueynasom Rensselira from the Polytechnic Institute (USA), is quite simple. Its original version, which is now installed in New York's art center Empac, a member of the supporting belts on suspensions.

Climbing into this bunch of belts, reminiscent of industrial equipment climber, a person can hang freely, making movement and somersaults in the air. It is placed in front of the big screen, the image which is similar to what they see birds in flight. Each movement "flyer" fixed sensors, and in accordance with the changing picture on the screen.

Now the project has reached a new level — as the management interface of the device is used EPOC Emotiv. This device, resembling a headset is based on the principle of electroencephalographic (EEG) recording the electrical signals of the brain using 16 electrodes, it allows you to control virtual objects on a computer screen by moving them apart.




Infinity Simulator, Unity ® Island Demo Fly-through from XXXY on Vimeo.

In this case, the person through a special program run by suspensions, raising and lowering his body. As long as the flight has to represent his eyes closed, listening to the characteristic sound. But in the future the creators promise to add points screen, which will be projected image of the virtual space flight.

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