Parted impenetrable darkness. Pulled away from the fires. And the shaky path of light dancing fire came Yarylo newborn into the world. Climbed to the sky and began to grow by leaps and bounds. My child is growing, but the heat forces recruited. So much heat is gained, that is frost flustered, was bitterly cold to catch up. But where to Yarily cope?

And now the perfume smell of winter, the water awakened. Flashed blue invisible fire. A Yarylo keeps growing. Went up again in the morning but so cherished that the winter dream with eyes Perunova drove away. Awoke here heavenly fire. Zimushka snowstorm catches, all trying to cope with unruly Yarilushkoy. But where there. For water streams ran through the land. Snow from her face and she laundered hard waking breath. Brought the birds from Yarily keys, unlocked the shackles from the cold earth. Heated heat their stribozhichey, but sent to places to walk.


Yarylo our manhood. It is no longer a baby. Handsome fellow. The sky rides, daily spreads, night prejudice. His power curbed. Of rampant, cold darkness so smashing, she became Silushka grace. Live every blade of grass, every blade of grass fills. Water, but the earth is filled with it. Spring takes a bit of land, the young shoots bear. By solar winds are those shoots pat. Rains warm sparks fruitful dropping from the sky, glorify life. And so abound Yarylo world the gifts that rattled his Silushka every tree, in every branch, in every flower, in every brook. Went everywhere the fruit to ripen. Grass juice magic allowed. The waters are warm, even at night. Came to his Yarily backwardness. Here in the evening he is still young, but after the shortest night of the year, is the wise man. The peak of his powers — midsummer night. Strong this time, prophetic.


Number of other holidays only path in Nav and the right opened, which would force him to his circle did, but this time no loopholes not. Because the world is united. Deprived of any boundaries. All abilities that are in the right and Navi have Reveal nature converge. And, they say, and then we take on animals, and the trees, so in general, from one place to go. Power Kupala in unity. Soluchayutsya earthly and heavenly.
Properties of herbs growing on Midsummer repeatedly. They are gathered in the morning at the beginning of the holiday and just after the festive night. There is a saying that you can be cured even "empty" does not have healing properties of herbs, if it is disrupted by baths. Take herbs young or old, do not tear medium. Weave wreaths of flowers with songs and incantations. Here a special meaning in the healing aromas of flowers and in this wedding wreath of their loved one.

At sunset, escorted Yarylo that would meet him reborn in the morning. This action is peculiar shade funeral and rebirth. As the dedication boys boys, boys in men. And the gap between the "death" and "birth" Yarily, going on holiday merrymaking, soluchenie a family of boys and girls, creating charms, fortune-telling and, of course, the search for the legendary flower of fern. But the path to it is dangerous for the faint of heart. His heart must be kept clean, do not let him in fear. And every evil willing to fill rasstaralas dared to seek the coveted flower of human fear itself. I think, that the brave lucky man who has mastered the magical colors, finds his whole life is a condition in which there is peace in the baths. I mean the state of wholeness and unity of the law, Navi and reality, and hence the ability of all these worlds.

For a long time we got to the myth of the baths.

"Fire God, the God of the Moon and Fire, the god of fire sacrifices and hearth Semargl met on the banks of the river goddess Ra-night — Globe. And it was at the Burning Globe (26 Svyatovit). After 9 months, the baths, and a Semargl Globeflowers children were born — Kupala and Kostroma. Fate has separated brother and sister. Kupala baby geese have claimed to distant lands. But they were destined to meet again.
After many years, Kostroma, walking along the river bank, wove a wreath. She boasted that the wind can tear the head wreath (which meant that she did not marry). For this boast gods punish her. Wind tore off her crown from his head and took to the water, where it picked up the Kupala, sailing past the boat. Kostroma not recognize his brother. There was a wedding and after the wedding, the bride and groom know that they — the brother and sister. Then they decided to commit suicide and drowned in the river. Kostroma was a mermaid, or in Little Russian — Mavka. The gods, taking pity, turned Kupala and Kostroma in flower Kupala da Mavka (Ivan da Marya). "

Lowering the debate about the possibility or impossibility of such behavior gods dwell on the fact that it is a myth, not epic. And the purpose of myth to convey through hundreds of generations of ancestors outlook. What opened my considerations in this myth? For the first nine-month cycle is the link to the autumn equinox. Such as the vernal equinox in the same way related to the winter solstice. And in the big picture emerges cyclic nine-periodicals. On the second, it is the birth Kupala and Kostroma — the birth of a new life. Nature actively bear fruit at this time, being in its very strength. And what is happening in the Government Reveal displays events and Navi. That is, all look the same, in fact, processes. By the third, it is the reunion of brother and sister. What affected above. The unity of the world. And the culmination of this solucheniya — wedding. Here, for one, and a reminder of non-incest prescribed, which can only redeem death. Well, on the fourth, the act becoming stumbled Kupala and Kostroma in flower. And it's not just a transformation, not lycanthropy and deep cleaning, purchase a different fate. Start a new path from scratch. That's what gives us the Kupala Night midsummer. The birth of a new life, soluchenie heaven and earth (male and female), the purification of the old and the opportunity to choose a new path with the blessing of the gods.

There is no baths, where there is no fire and water. Semargl ognebozhich and cleanse and prigreet, the victim will, open the window in the world of our ancestors. It illuminates the magical night like giving Yarily respite till the morning. It burns forever all the old, that burdens our life its useless. Shiga illuminates through it a couple of lovers, leaving in their married life of his unquenchable fire that turns into a family home. On this night, the gods themselves blessed family unions who love each other. And it is a blessing of the parent. Knowingly spitting Christian chroniclers and their ilk. After them, the ignorant, was not aware. Especially the moments associated with married women, when they created a new beloved family. After all, priests are not mentioned in their records the fact that in those days went spread custom to marry their children regardless of the opinion of the latter. So not for love. And then the young were unhappy. That's the last resort to a method to overcome unfair parental blessing. Take it from the Gods.

Midsummer — a holiday, a special magic which are precisely night. Globe — the goddess of the night. Belarusians it presents a beautiful woman with closed eyes or covertly, in the manner of the Roman Fortuna. Just as it is also called Mara. In folk memory retained its image as oberezhnitsy night travelers, patron and protector of the disadvantaged and injured people. By the way it will be said that the Belarusian mara means dream. Globeflowers name associated with water to swim. On water a lot to say. It is the boundary between the worlds, the water can look past and the future. Happy water absorbs light Yarily and filled it by force. Because daytime sun bathing gives him strength. At night, the water is illuminated by starlight. At that time, people, swimming is attached to the star power. (In the summer soltsevorot Earth is almost at apogee (farthest point from the Sun), which takes place on July 5.)

The great strength of the world walks on baths. Love is like a head in a cool night air. People's faces are illuminated by some inner glow, light, joy, fun and no perceptible sacred mystery, which is not pronounced in the ear, but if all it knows and it brings together all the celebrating in a special fraternity. Brotherhood tasted midsummer magic when somewhere on the edge of consciousness slips image of one world, the image of a comprehensive piece of knowledge that provides answers to all the questions completely. Special spirit of this ancient celebration fills every cell of the body a light force. The intoxicating spirit of freedom. It opens in all sorts of locks and doors, frees the human soul. My soul in peace to speak directly with the ancestors and the gods. And there at the moment is nothing more beautiful in the world than people smile around Razdolnoye funny and deeply sad songs, the scent of flowers and herbs, warm midsummer fire, soft water in which the stars and alluring look of the forest gloom glow magic fern blossom.

The glory of the gods and the ancestors of ours! Hooray!

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