MiG-29 AESA radars will

Russian company "Fazotron-NIIR" was given the task to create a mock-up radar with an active phased array antenna for a fighter MiG-29, reports Jane's. Brand new radar will be created on the basis of the radar "Zhuk-A", developed for a promising fighter MiG-35. In the development of a new radar for the MiG-29 Russian Air Force are interested and another country, the title of which has not been disclosed.

Radar for the MiG-29, according to the source agency, will be 30 percent larger than the desktop layout "Beetle-A "installed on the MiG-35, which took part in the Indian tender MMRCA. Enhanced version Radar for the MiG-29, which is expected to be installed and serial MiG-35, will receive about a thousand transceiver modules. Brand new radar will be able to detect up to 60 targets at a range of 200 km.

The working model of the new radar will be installed on fighter MiG-29M2 9.15-owned RAC "MiG" and used for testing various aircraft equipment. Dates of creation radar for the MiG-29 on the basis of "Bug-A" as long as unidentified. New radar may be included in the program from the Russian Air Force modernization of the existing MiG-29.

Meanwhile, as noted by Jane's, the second customer design version of "Bug-A" for the MiG-29 could be the Indian Air Force, who previously held the modernization of 62 of these aircraft (54 single and eight double). According to the source agency, the Indian military abilities impressed "Bug-A", as demonstrated in the MMRCA, and they decided to include a new radar in the next step of modernization programs from MiG-29.

At the current time on the MiG-29 radar station N010 "Beetle" different versions. They allow you to accompany 10-20 targets at once at ranges up to 80 km and produce a 1-2 shelling of targets.

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