Minsk after the attack: the calm and mutual


In Belarus, the attacks, is akin to Moscow, Monday night never happened. But the way the citizens of Minsk coped with the disaster in the first hours after the explosion in the subway, surprises and inspires.

11 people were killed and 162 injured (according to the Ministry of Health on 12 April 0700, 12 people were killed, 151 hospitalized. — Comm. BelTA), of which two dozen in critical condition — these are the official figures of the attack in the Minsk metro. Unlike Moscow, quiet, calm and full of walking around the streets of the capital of the Belarusian special forces could not be ready for this. The case, of course, historic. Today everyone is talking about who it could be beneficial, and that will do next "dictator Lukashenko," but the main thing here, I think, is not it.

Over the years, quite poor, but, more importantly, a quiet life Old Man taught Belarusian solidarity and reciprocity. The difference with Moscow there was simply otherworldly. First, instead of pulling up the price of transportation, taxi drivers and drivers of minibuses in Minsk became deliver people from the city center to their homes for free. Second, the panic was — and this is clearly seen in the video — just a few minutes after the explosion. After appearing at the top, those who survived the shock and could not move normally, do not run away to their homes, and were returning back down and stand on the hands of those who lay in a caustic black smoke unconscious. Who knows how many lives saved Belarusian solidarity. A stocky guy told me that he almost hit by an explosion, and then passed on the stairs six people and gave them to rescuers. Even people close to retirement age helped firefighters carried the wounded on stretchers. Cram, of course, was not there. The fallen no one had escaped. Witnesses said that the youth helped to quickly get across the railings to leave women and children. Those who were able to walk and was in critical condition, not crammed into the ambulance, and waited patiently until they plunge all the "critical" patients were waiting.

Witnesses said that even on the platform during the panic, many people tried to put out the burning fellow-sufferers, and not just spurn them away. Onlookers in the streets, while they do allow special forces, ran up to the bloody people and, besides questioning, trying to calm all.

Third, as if someone did not like the Belarusian police and other security agencies, they worked fine. Fire trucks appeared on the scene five minutes after the explosion, clothes ambulance — at about the same time. Traffic police quickly took control of the center of Independence Avenue and ousted from the scene by private means. Within an hour after the tragedy of patrol police patrols cordoned off everything within a radius of several kilometers. Incidentally, the police had acted so tough that even prevented local reporters get too "cruel" frames.

Finally, health care providers will suffer not only physical but also psychological support. Journalists and eyewitnesses told that doctors comforted people, helped to call their loved ones. Along the way, the staff of blood transfusion centers immediately began to ring all their honor donors to help.

Cellular companies have announced that they will not charge for calls made in Minsk on Monday evening, at which numbers would not call their subscribers.

Transport in Minsk, except for the subway, earned in the previous regime, within an hour or so after the explosion.

Even the Old Man has not changed me, and appeared on the scene, holding the hand of his youngest son Kolya. Before you start an emergency meeting with security officials, Lukashenko went to the platform and laid flowers. Someone says — PR, but I think that if this is the case, it all looked quite beautiful.

Ordinary Belarusians internet agree tomorrow to hold a spontaneous action, and 16 pm to meet with a candlelight vigil on October Square. I do not know, maybe it sounds strange or ridiculous, but, watching all this, I became the first ever proud of their country.


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