Moscow became the tropics

Capital Region residents expect hot and powerful showers.
Earlier this week in the capital will remain hot weather with rain and possible thunderstorms. This was reported in Gidrometeobyuro Moscow and Moscow region.

On Monday, June 27, under the influence of atmospheric front in the Moscow region at Mostly held intermittent rain, possible storm. Day temperature will be 25-27 degrees in the area — 24-29 degrees. As expected, the wind will be blowing east at a speed of 4.9 meters per second, with a thunderstorm gust to 15 meters per second. Pressure will be 744 mm Hg. According to weather forecasts, this hot weather, combined with heavy rains continue in Moscow, at least until Thursday, June 30.

According to meteorologists, the capital established almost tropical weather. However, increased humidity due to rains, combined with a high temperature gives a lower oxygen content in the air, which will adversely affect people with chronic oxygen deficiency.

Meanwhile, it was reported earlier that the upcoming summer in Russia will land average, 80-90% of the precipitation will fall out of the norm. Such extreme temperatures and drought that occurred a year ago, is not expected.

This statement was made director Roman Vilfand meteorologist at the press conference. He also noted that the repetition of the extremely high temperatures of the last year is unlikely.

"We do not expect a cold, rainy summer. This year will drop 80-90% of normal precipitation, "- said Vilfand.

According to him, the sultry weather in 2010 was due to an abnormally stable, "blocking" anticyclone, which is about 50 days, "not allowed" in the European territory of the country is cold and moist air from the Atlantic.

As previously reported, "Beep", the accuracy of weather forecasts will grow by 2020 from the current 90% to 95%. Said the head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov at the meeting on the prediction of hazards, which was attended, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Help in this latest weather radar, which can predict even the "freezing rain", from which this winter hit several regions of Central Russia.

"Over the last year, which was an anomaly, was released 1.7 thousand warnings about natural hazards. Their accuracy was about 90%. The goal in 2020 — 95%, "- said Frolov, Vladimir Putin. In addition, according to meteorologists, the accuracy of prediction of floods will increase to 80%.

In response, Vladimir Putin promised that Roshydromet the next two years will receive 14 billion rubles., Most of which is for the purchase of modern equipment. Putin also acknowledged that natural disasters in Russia is becoming every year more and more. For this, the prime minister, the country will have a modern system of disaster prevention.

In the next few years we will have to upgrade almost all points of hydrometeorological network. In particular, only in the current year will be upgraded over 1,500 ground stations Roshydromet and open about 300 new.

The Prime Minister also asked the heads of the regions thoroughly prepare for forest fires. "After what happened last year, to pretend that we did not see anything, you can not. I ask all to mobilize resources — administrative, financial, organizational, "- said Putin.

Before the meeting, Putin showed the latest weather radar DMRL-C, which is capable of receiving weather data within a radius of 250 kilometers. Head meteorologist Roman Vilfand noted that with DMRL-C can be predicted disasters — especially tornadoes and hurricanes — "tens of minutes" before they start.

It is also reported that across the country will establish 140 such radars. Vladimir Putin, in turn, asked how it will improve the quality of forecasts, "Remember, children's game was — Guess? Now would not it? "" The uncertainty will always remain. Forecast — a complex system of equations ", — confessed Alexander Frolov.

Author: Michael Pribylovsky

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