Moscows recent missile tests outlined for 2013

Forces Command Aerospace Defense wants spring and autumn 2013 carry out pilot and combat-tests the latest missile defense system A-235 "aircraft-M", which in the future will have to change the old A-135 "Cupid." According to the newspaper "Izvestia", citing a source in the command, almost immediately after the test, if found successful, brand new system ABM may enter the alert.

The source said the newspaper, on the tests will be conducted firing missiles 53T6 (probably refers to the modified version of the interceptor missile, as a means of intercepting such an index to the current time are part of the A-135). Missile complex A-235 can carry both the kinetic and nuclear warhead, while the interceptors of the A-135 are equipped with nuclear warheads only because of the low probability of a direct hit means defeat in a ballistic target.

Development of the project "The plane-M" is engaged in design bureau "Innovator". Bimbo system will be able to intercept targets at altitudes up to 30 km and at a distance of 100 km. With all of this, unlike the A-135 missile complex A-235 will be able to be induced by directional radio signals from the ground, this increases the accuracy rate and it becomes possible to use the kinetic warhead. With all of this, as noted by "Izvestia", the A-235 missile will be able to operate only by radio operator.

The complex will include A-235 radar "Don-2M" (in the operating system of the A-135 comes radar "Don-2N" presumably upgraded to version "Don-2NP"), as far interceptor missiles and medium-range actions. All of the major characteristics of a promising missile defense system are classified. The principle of equipping missiles and nuclear kinetic warheads are also not disclosed. The official comment Forces Command EKR "News" could be obtained.

The agreement on the establishment of the A-235 was concluded in 1991 and the end of the project was scheduled for 2015. Prime contractor at the time of the signing of the agreement has been appointed Concern "Almaz-Antey", which comes in the bureau "Innovator" (Bureau of specialization is development artillery and missile defense systems). Presumably, the A-235 will receive a supercomputer "Elbrus-3M". In 1991, it was planned that the A-235 will include a three-tier missile.

Earlier, Deputy Defense Minister, Colonel-General Oleg Ostapenko said that the country is development new weapons for a missile defense system that will change not only the defense of Moscow, and will complement the missile defense over the rest of the country. According to Ostapenko, all new development "rather quickly realizable." Details on a promising system, Colonel-General did not elaborate.

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