Mu was located in the Pacific Ocean, across the mainland was eight thousand miles from north to south, the mainland was five thousand miles, the continent of Mu itself as a continent of three separate parts, and between them is a heavy sea. Grazed cattle on the lands and cultivated fields near the mountains grow tropical plants, there proceeded many lakes, streams were small ponds. Near the ocean coast palm trees grew, swam in the lake lotus flowers these flowers were sacred to the people, the roads were wide of smooth stone.

On the mainland, home to several million people, the continent of Mu consisted of ten different states, they had a single ruler of Ra-Mu, as it represented the Sun-god. Mu inhabited primarily by people who have had a white skin, even with black, brown, and yellow skin, well, there were fewer.

In Chronicles, Lhasa, the Tibetan chronicles. Chronicles were found by Heinrich Schliemann, they described the people who were dressed in fine clothes with ornaments made of precious stones. Valko, an ancient Indian book, it describes the people who called themselves muantsy were good sailors, their ships sailed the seas over the globe, muantsy built great temples, palaces, roads, bridges, cities, and all of the big rocks. In Maya Troanskom manuscript written that died a holy land, because of the strong earthquake which lasted a very long time, as a result of the continent of Mu twice budge and sank the lost Atlantis.

James Cherchuord colonel from Britain was in one of the colonies in India in the service, and was introduced in 1868 to one of the Buddhist monks, and he spoke about the whereabouts Cherchuordu interesting plates, the plates were painted mysterious symbols. Cherchuord for ten years with great diligence and studied carefully label all the same for so many years was able to read them. In ancient tablets have been written about the history of the mysterious continent of Mu.

This unknown continent, he sank about a hundred thousand years ago, people lived on it somewhere 64 million, and their civilization was superior in terms of our several times. James was a wealthy man Cherchuord began traveling in search of the source of the continent of Mu, that would confirm the existence of Mu. The colonel was in different countries, in different places of interest such as Siberia, the Pacific islands, Australia in Burma, Tibet, Egypt, Central America, Central Asia.

William Niven famous scientist (archaeologist) excavated from the U.S. to Mexico, William and found ancient ruins and signs with which she signs when James found out about this and he said that he had seen the same in the church, then they have deciphered the old unknown inscriptions they describe the great unknown continent with a huge number of people, and he was in the Pacific, he was tragically killed.

Pacific islands have old town buildings, interesting tombs, temples, fragments of statues. What kind of art was created by the architecture, processing, impressionable size structures is only able to create a civilization with a very extensive knowledge and high moral culture. City Nan Madol discovered islands, Ponape. In our time, the whole city is in the ancient ruins. The city has a stone monoliths that weigh 15 tons, it is interesting that on the island to get the stone is not possible.

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